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I have people coming to me DAILY, they see the results my clients are getting and they want to know HOW it's possible when they legit sit down at their computer and stare blankly with ZERO words in their heads and no clients knocking down their doors

So many business owners out there understand the IMPORTANCE of putting content out on social media...... but there's a HUGE problem.

The problem? 

They are sharing the wrong content with the wrong people. 

They're keeping themselves occupied with:

  • Pretty posts
  • Busy work
  • ZERO strategy
  • An all-or-nothing mentality

But they aren't actually making more money from doing any of this!

And what's worse?

They have no systems for turning their followers into paying clients

All it takes is 3-5 minutes per day to attract high paying clients. That's it. And I want to show you exactly how to put this to work for your business.

    Imagine hitting the “publish” button on your social media pages then heading out for an afternoon of complete fun and family adventure with the kiddos.  All the while leads and PAYING clients are rolling in.

    How would life feel if you started the day with purpose - living your life on your OWN terms!  Being present in your kids lives and still seeing a full inbox of leads who are just dying to become PAYING clients ready to work with you.  

    How different would your business be if you could:

    • CONFIDENTLY hit "publish" whenever you have a new offer or service you want to fill up
    • ​Know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it to get your audience salivating over your offer when you hit that "Publish" button 
    • EASILY launch something new when you decide you want to take an overly lavish vacation at the last minute (yea a high ticket vacation),  without any LONG hustle hours or Mindless exhaustion
    • ​Stop blasting your "pretty posts" out in all of the FB groups and actually FEEL valuable in your own space
    • No more posting the same stock images everyone else is using and expecting it to grow your business. 
    • CELEBRATE your massive success by packing up the kids and heading to the beach/mountains/amusement park/starbucks/target with complete confidence that your content is converting leads while you're out having family fun.

    ​Maybe you have been struggling with your income, trying to get consistent client, or praying for a recommendation from that ONE client your had… That Ends NOW!

    Now, when you share something with your audience they are JUMPING UP AND DOWN when they're done reading. They are beating down your door (filling up your inbox) ready to work with you.

    There's a "secret" behind those “big name” online business insiders and how they are hitting the monthly income milestones, without gambling on ad spend, without tech headaches, and no feast or famine inside their businesses.

    It's time for you to be let in on their little secret.

    Within the modules you'll learn:

    • How to be AMAZEBALLS with your content
    • How to really relay your message so that it pulls at the heart strings of your perfect clients
    • How to show up and get the engagement you desire
    • How to attract those HIGH paying clients
    • How to do all of this EASILY in 3-5 minutes a day!

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    What are we covering?

    Module 1 -> Know Your Ideal Client 

    • Defining Your Perfect Client - like the nitty gritty you probably missed 
    • How to talk specifically to that perfect client
    • How to make that person feel like your only person
    • Marketing research techniques so you know what it is your audience wants from you

    Module 2 -> Defining Your Message

    • Mastering your brand message
    • Stand out as the EXPERT in your field
    • Who you work with, What you offer, How your amazingness changes lives
    • How to share your story (you have one I PROMISE)
    • How to make your story social media friendly 
    • How to show your perfect clients that you're a badass in your field

    Module 3 -> Get Your Clients

    • How to find your ideal client
    • How to be attractive to your perfect client
    • Getting your perfect clients to trust you

    Module 4 -> What to Talk About In Order To Make Sales

    • The 6 Different Types of Post's You Should Be Sharing 
    • How To Come Up With Your Content EASILY


    You don't think I'd simply give you the facts and not give you BONUSES right? 

    I am also giving you training videos and workbooks on how to:

    • Recycle Your Content So That You Can Make Sales With Less Effort 
    • The Keys And Fundamentals Of Automating Your Content 
    • Tips & Tricks (and my favorite tech Tips) For Live Videos (which, if you didn't already know are AMAZING for your business growth!)

    So let's recap what you're going to be able to do with the knowledge from this Academy.  

    You're going to:

    ✓ Set yourself apart from others in your field "your competition" by OWNING your expertise

    ✓ Steal the attention of your perfect customers with a ridiculously simple content strategy for creating MONTHS of content in less than an hour

    ✓ Attract your dream clients, who by the way are out there RIGHT NOW looking for you, without ever sending one of those horrible cold messages *gaaaggg*


    ✓ Your perfect customers will be showing up in your inbox and payment processor because they will know you, they will trust you, they will WANT what you've got no matter the cost!

    You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING

    • Posting in groups 
    • Posting on your page 2-3-4-5 times a day
    • You're blogging
    • Live streaming now and then 
    • Creating all of the content your brain can put out but you just aren't feeling what you share.

    Just thinking about next month, trying to make a "living" or searching for new clients is giving you anxiety.

    You don’t have any more time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working.

    • Omgosh I was just about to message you!! I was talking to someone who responded to my program share 2 hours ago, not only was she super excited but she paid IN FULL 😳🤗😆🎊🎉 like, ooo my god, my very FIRST paid in full client 2k up front. I could pee myself I’m so excited! Had you not helped change my words around for my sales offer I don’t know if she would have messaged me. She said my message “called” to her! Like OMGOSH!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

      — Amanda C.
    • I know it’s late and you’re probably putting the baby to bed but I HAD to message you. I just made my first BIG sale!! I just had a client pay my full $550 for my coaching package! I can’t thank you enough for all your support and tweaking my content. Never would I have thought a few words here or there could make THAT much of a difference :O

      — Samantha L.
    • Why didn't I realize that this did NOT have to be so hard. I was literally standing in my own way. You opened my eyes to how easy attracting the RIGHT customers could be. I can not thank you enough.

      — Jennifer K.
    • I had to message you because I just finished this program, I bought it on a whim because I liked one of your posts about actually teaching and not giving fluff. But I spent the last 3 years desperately trying to grow my business. I swear I've downloaded every freebie (all of yours if i'm being truly honest) anyone has ever made, I've attended masterclasses, live trainings, paid for trainings, paid for two different coaches, and NOTHING & NO ONE ever broken content creation down the way you do. You give life to it. You make it seem as if all I had to do was talk and people would listen... AND THEY DID. Whatever magic it is you have please keep sharing it because people need this shit! Thank you for taking my 2K a year business to a, currently, 75K year business in the past 4 months.

      — Jess C.


    👉🏼Passionate about your business

    👉🏼Ready for an easy to run business

    👉🏼Done making excuses to your family about when your business is going to "really" take off 

    👉🏼Sick of seeing others in your industry take off and leave you in the dust 

    👉🏼If you are READY for things to be easier

    👉🏼Willing to go all in

    👉🏼You have just 20 short minutes a day to work on growing your business


    ❌You don’t believe you’re cut out for your business
    ❌You don't believe people will pay you for your services/products
    ❌You're a whiner who won't take action
    ❌You're not going to show up and make connections 
    ❌You think you can skip talking to people and still be successful

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

    When will I have access to the modules

    Each module will become available one day after the previous module is available. So you sign up, you get the welcome message and module 1, the next day you get module 2, the follow day module 3, and the day after that module 4 & Bonus materials.

    What if I need help from a professional?

    You're in luck! I specialize in strategy, coaching, consulting and have an awesome team to help get you on track. I'm easily reached via email at