Avocado and Banana-Free Life

Are you allergic to avocado and banana, like me?

Being allergic to avocado and banana doesn’t sound too restrictive until you check out some menus and realize that these fruits are in just about everything.  Ah! 

Just this Fall, I had to save my own life after eating some deviled eggs that were made with avocado oil.  My face turned purple, my throat started to close up, and I was having difficulty breathing.  The whole experience was less than awesome.  

But, I’m determined to enjoy many of the same foods my friends enjoy, including smoothies.  

How do I do it?  

I've got a secret smoothie hack ... and I'd love to share it with you!  Yippee!  

But OMG.  Do you secretly hate that you can never eat avocado toast or partake in delicious guacamole?  Yeah, me too!  So ... I figured out how to make avocado-less guac.  

I call it fuacamole!  And ... it tastes just like the real thing.  I taste-tested it on some hard-core avocado eaters.   

Yes ... You should try all these avocado and banana-free recipes ... there's 9 of them ... and enjoy!

Here's what people are saying ...

"I’m allergic to avocado, bananas, kiwi. As well as laytex :/ thank you for the smoothie ideas! It has been hard adjusting to it since my allergy came later in life." -- Elizabeth, United States

"THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! I am allergic to bananas and avocados. It only happened a few years ago but I really struggle with smoothies. You are a life saver!!!" --Victoria, UK

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These recipes are a life-saver!

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Don't miss out
These recipes are a life-saver!