In this fun and tactile course, we not only learn how easy it is to create these beautiful vessels from air-dry clay, we also explore the properties associated with each of the eight phases of the Moon, as well as tips for setting New-Moon intentions!

BONUS Project - Heart Bowls

Discover the joy of setting New-Moon intentions!
And have the perfect vessel to keep them alive and well!

Table of Contents

Video One: Introduction and Materials

  • Welcome: 00:23
  • Materials: 02:05

Video Two: Shaping the Bowls

  • Rolling out the clay: 00:18
  • Forming the bowl: 01:54
  • Adding texture: 03:46

Video Three: Painting the Bowls

  • Optional watercolor addition: 00:15
  • Sealing prior to painting acrylic: 03:38
  • Adding acrylic: 06:04
  • Cleaning up unwanted color: 09:09

Video Four: Adding Foil and Varnishing

  • Making dots with glue: 00:15
  • Applying the foil and leaf: 03:01
  • Varnishing: 04:51

Video Five: Lunar Phases and Intention Setting

Moon phases and properties: 00:20

Summary and farewell: 05:19

Video Five: BONUS Project - Heart-Shaped Bowl

1. Introduction and Materials
2. Shaping the Bowls
3. Painting the Bowls
4. Adding Foil to the Bowls and Varnishing
5. Lunar Phases and Intention Setting
6. BONUS Project - Heart Bowl

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