Fun and Fabulous Fronts and Finishes - Working

Whether your are looking to improve your fronts and finishes; retrain them and/or are just starting to teach them, this is the course for you!  I break fronts and finishes down into small steps in the form of "tricks".  This keeps fronts and finishes fun AND results in dog that truly understands their job!

I combine clear communication with body awareness exercises so that your dog truly understands how to consistently and stylishly perform fronts and finishes. 

This course covers:

  • Hind end awareness 
  • Breaking front and finishes down
  • Teaching and treating fronts and finishes as tricks
  • Fronts up close, lateral and angled fronts
  • Fronts with speed
  • Fronts with retrieve object (dumbbell, glove, article)
  • Left Finish and Around Finish
  • Fronts and Finishes that are correct on the FIRST try

You can see that Zeal thinks "fronts" are a fun game:

Zayna is much younger and still learning front, but she also views them as "tricks":

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Table of Contents

Week 1 - Clear Communication
Week 2 - Bucket/Perch Work
Week 3 - Hind End Awareness
Week 4 - Accurate on the First Try
Week 5 - Fronts with a Retrieve Object
Week 6 - Chaining for Accuracy in the Ring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the course?

$159.99 for a working spot. $99.99 for an auditing spot.

What does a Working Spot include?

A Working Spot includes access to all lecture and video materials, the ability to post questions and videos, answers to all questions and feedback on the videos, and feedback on both written and video assignments. You will have access to videos for a total of four months. You MUST be able to upload videos to Youtube in order to submit video for review!!! Please make sure you have this capability before signing up for a Working Spot.

What does an Auditing Spot include?

An auditing spot includes access to all lecture and video materials. You will not be submitting video or homework for feedback. You will not have access to videos, comments, discussions submitted by working participants. You will be able to email questions. You will have access to the videos for a total of four months.

What equipment is needed for this course?

(A) A Bucket/Perch. We use feed buckets, but you can also use a box, or any surface that is large enough for your dog's front feet and that your dog can rotate around.
(B) A platform is helpful for the strengthening exercise. Ideally the platform will be about two inches wider than your dog when sitting in good posture, and at least a foot longer than your dog WHEN sitting in a nice tight sit. (C) Fitdisc (you can purchase them on the internet) or cushion (you can use a couch cushion, mattress, basically any surface that is unstable and large enough for your dog to sit on).