The Ultimate Guide to Breast Rejuvenation

This is an invitation for radical self care. Did you know that you can massage your breasts to affect your menstrual flow? And that by touching and massaging our breasts, we are unleashing a medicine so powerful inside, that it has the power to heal? There's a famous idiom in Chinese Medicine. It says "The blood descends and becomes the menstruate; it ascends and becomes the milk." By performing these deeply nourishing and circulatory methods to your breasts, you are influencing healing on so many levels, including your reproductive health. 

In this self paced e-course, we'll invite and give ourselves permission to deeply care for our hormonal and sensual health by performing breast self massage. Our breasts are intimately and cyclically connected to our menstrual cycles. By massaging our "Twin Peaks", we are also caring for our reproductive well being. Biologically, breast tissue is made up of fat & lymph. Extra care needs to be employed in circulating this area to avoid toxin and sluggish buildup. 

Our breasts are extensions of the heart. They act as the conduit in which we give and receive love. Breast massage is one of many Inner Alchemy practices for women. Consistent and regular massage will regulate hormones, calm down the nervous system and prevent common ailments associated with lack of circulation in this area of our bodies. Further, the highly sensory rich tissue of our breasts reflects our intuitive abilities as women. Many of us have lost touch with our innate intuitive nature. By connecting with and integrating these parts of yourself, you are working on your intuitive muscles. 

  • Through this course, I learned how to take care of myself, and I applied the information to my routine. I feel so good!! We should do what we could do for our bodies with appreciation!

    — Sachiko

Table of Contents

Setting the Space
Breast & Womb Connection
Anatomy of our Twin Peaks
The 3 E's of Breast Health
Breast Vulnerabilities
Invitation for Touch: The Breast Massage
Magic Topicals & Masks
Complementary Therapies
Longevity Medicine
Products & Resources We Love
Gratitude & Working with Us
  • The start to my transformation. The title of this class called my name immediately. My breasts needed some love and this class provided love, medical information, daily rituals, and a new lease to see my breasts as a pivotal part of my health and longevity. This was the first class I've taken by Kris G and since then I've taken up all her classes. There's no one else like her. Michelle and Kris are wonderful teachers in this class.

    — Stephanie

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Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

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