Learning Self Love & Healthy Habits

Are you desiring a more fulfilling life, more satisfying relationships and to be happier on the inside? Tired of not feeling good enough? Done waiting around for someone to love you, and had enough toxic relationships for five lifetimes?

Do you want to feel loving, confident and full of excitement for yourself?  Are you willing to challenge your thoughts and beliefs about who you are?

Well, if that all sounds good, then you have found the right place to be!

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am here to tell you that this is all possible and more. I know the process because I lived it, and I came from a place of deep self rejection and not feeling worthy of love. I have spent almost a lifetime of not being true to myself and it is in these last few years I have truly come alive. Finally living with love and regard for myself.

We all have different experiences, thoughts and encounters that can contribute to unhealthy ideas and beliefs about ourselves. Have you ever thought about what you really believe about yourself? Are these thoughts and beliefs true? Are they even your beliefs, or are they something someone else told you?

We have the ability to change our thoughts and feelings. Even a very long standing belief of unworthiness can be alleviated, and changed into something beneficial, if we allow it. The key to changing my whole life was learning to love myself. Really love myself, no hocus pocus, no new hair do and a new outfit love, this is deep down self acceptance, look at my face in the mirror and smile back and mean it love! I found new healthy habits and routines, I could easily incorporate into my life. I started to respect myself and others followed suit. I had a self-fulfilling prophecy that I was not lovable and I attracted that into my life. It was not until I became friends with myself, that I had friends and people in my life who reflected back to me, the love I finally felt inside. I now trust myself, and even prefer my opinion first and foremost before anyone else's, and I can love with ease, finally!

Time to make a new friend, YOU!

No one else has the ability to know exactly what you want, or exactly how you feel. There is power in knowing yourself, loving yourself and setting your own course! The best thing you can do for yourself and the world is to get on loving you, and get that big ol' light shining for all to see! So let’s get started!

You matter!


Do you want to feel proud of yourself and excited for yourself?

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Table of Contents

Self-love techniques and why we don’t already have them
Exercises for changing your thought patterns
Creating Healthy habits
Creating your loving future

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