My Creative Process - April 2018

Have you ever thought you wanted to improve your writing? Try writing a short story or poem? Maybe even a novel. Would you like to submit your work to publications? Or incorporate creativity into your daily life?

No idea where to start?

I have worked as a writer for many years and have learned during this time how to answer the above questions – and more.

In everyday life, I am in constant contact with aspiring writers and bloggers, and often they tell me the same thing: the greatest obstacle is just getting started.

Whether you blog, write, journal or scribble in secret, this course will help build confidence and provide you with tools and guidance. Those doodles you write in the margins CAN turn into something bigger.

  • "Karen has played a pivotal role in Melbourne’s literary industry for many years."

    — Lisa Dempster, former CEO/Festival Director, Melbourne Writers Festival
  • "Karen Andrews’ reputation as a writer, editor and publisher precedes her."

    — Books+Publishing
  • “We can always count on Karen to work with our creative photographers on the creation of quality eBooks for Digital Photography School. She works alongside creative talent to provide structure, extract ideas and instructions to deliver excellent results.”

    — Jasmin Tragas, former General Manager, Digital Photography School.

How does the course work?

My Creative Process is delivered online over a four week period. Lessons will be released daily on a weekly topic. I am going to appeal to as many learning styles as possible, so lessons will incorporate written instruction, diagrams/charts and video.

Full of notes, exercises and tips, students will be encouraged to participate and engage with their creativity. Practically, and skills-wise, students will get to have a piece of their work (up to 3000 words) assessed. This 250-word feedback is worth the cost of the course alone.

When does the course start?

Sunday 1st April. The course will be $300. There is an early bird discount of 20% off - that's a $60 saving. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Early bird discount ends on the 18th MARCH. CODE: EARLYBIRD

Course Structure

Week One – Structure

Having covered what to write, it’s time to consider the different ways how to go about it. Whether you are crafting a blog post, article, story, essay or poem, there are lots of elements to consider.

Week Two – Voice, Character and Place

Whether you are writing prose or verse, in order to inject greater vibrancy, and allow your readers to truly connect with your message or story, the elements of voice, character and place are all very important to understand.

Week Three – Style

This week will cover areas such as copywriting, nonfiction, fiction and poetry and focus on elements that are common to all, such as language, tone, composition. Looking at each, you’ll get an overview and see which you would like to try.

Week Four – Publishing Considerations

Exciting times! Contemplating the prospect – the dream! – of getting published and further exploring opportunities that being a writer can allow. This week I will share tips and ideas of how I’ve gone about it, and how others have also achieved success.

Further Details:

You will be sent login details when you enroll. The lessons will be released daily. There will be no formal assessment, no checking to see whether you do all the challenges or exercises – however, I strongly advise that you try as best as you can to complete them. If you post these to social media, please use the hashtag #mycreativeprocessapr or #mycreativeprocessnov (depending on which month you're doing the course). I stress that you are under no obligation to make these public if you do not wish to. But if you do, I promise I’ll read each and every one!

The lessons will be available for the entire month and an additional four weeks after finishing. If you want to download course materials, please ensure you do so within this time period. This is to ensure that everyone who might need to catch up has the opportunity to do so.

How much time will it take each day?

The reading and exercise time varies from day to day, depending on the topic. The earlier days of the week are heavier in terms of content – Fridays and Saturdays are devoted more to tips and suggestions, in order to free up time for actual writing!

This is an important point – if there is a compulsory element to the course, it’s that the student writes something every day. Not only does it create the habit but can make the difference in actually being able to present a piece of work to be assessed!

Inspiration + Application + Action = Results

Course Benefits

During the four weeks you will:

  • Discover the importance of your subconscious.
  • Find that once you give yourself permission to create, you are freed from constraint and fear.
  • Learn the primary elements of storytelling and composition.
  • Get an understanding of the publishing process and get tips and tools for getting published.
  • Receive an assessment that will give suggestions and encouragement for your writing and where you can improve.
  • Discover your own personal strengths and likes.
  • Best of all – CREATE NEW WORK!

Enrollments will open soon! Sign up to my email to find out exactly when!

Early bird discount ends on the 18th MARCH.

Terms and Conditions

Course withdrawals and refunds will only be accepted up until the day the course begins