Acupuncture Steam Therapist Certification

Welcome to the Acupuncture Steam Therapist Certification!

This certification course is two modules & final examination.

Module One - The Chinese Medicine Practice of Vaginal Steaming & Fumigation Therapy in Gynecology (Pending 4 PDA hours)

In this module we will dive into the origins and history of vaginal steaming by doing a literature survey of vaginal steaming in Chinese and ancient medicine. Then we will move on to discuss modern applications and how it's used worldwide. 

Module Two - Clinical Applications of Vaginal Steaming for Acupuncturists (Approved for 2 PDA hours)

This module will cover how to incorporate vaginal steam therapy in your clinic and customize protocols for your clients. We will go over indications, cautions, contraindications and provide guidance on herb selection. 

Final Examination

Upon passing the exam you will be added to our Vaginal Steam Directory where we list practitioners that have successfully passed the exam. 


This course is approved for Professional Enhancement Coursework with the NCCAOM. This is not an herbal course even though herbs are used in this modality. NCCAOM regulations doesn't allow us to advise on western herbs even though these are commonly used in this modality. 

This is a beginner certification introducing you to the history of this modality and how it's used in our medicine as well as all around the world. The Clinical Applications portion of this course is intended for you to use our clinical methodology, screen for any cautions or contraindications and start working with clients. Be sure to join our private Facebook Group for Acupuncturists and Vaginal Steaming to present cases and ask the group questions about how they integrate this therapy in their practices. 

The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute is NCCAOM PDA Provider #171436.

Table of Contents

Module One - The Chinese Practice of Vaginal Steaming & Fumigation Therapy in Gynecology
Course Details & Terms of Conditions
Getting Started
Part One: What is Vaginal Steaming & Fumigation Therapy?
Part Two: Fumigation Through the Ages & Across Regions
Part Three: Classical Chinese Medicine Literature Survey on Fumigation
Part Four: Modern Chinese Medicine Sources & Uses
Part Five: Modern Applications of Fumigation Therapy
Extras: Images & Videos
Exam & Evaluation for Module One
Module Two - Clinical Applications of Vaginal Steaming for Acupuncturists
Module Details
Mild Steam Setup
Advanced Steam Setup

What does this course include?

✓ Continual Access to recordings & all handouts ✓ 2 year access for PDA completion ✓ On Demand & Self-paced Video Course ✓ iPAD and Mobile Compatibility

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