7 Day Encourage Your Spouse (challenge)


In just 7 short days, rebuild the foundation of your marriage. 

When was the last time that you truly, honestly complimented your spouse? When was the last time you learned something surprising about your spouse, like what posters were in his room as a kid, how he got that scar above his elbow, or where his own parents went on their honeymoon? 

If you're in the trenches of never-ending grocery lists, balancing your children's many needs, and attempting to pay your mortgage while also maintaining some sort of sanity and romance, you're not alone. However, you do not have to stay there. Rebuild the foundation of your marriage in seven days. I call this a challenge, because it is. It will take you being purposeful to do the activities each day. If you follow them, and pray the prayers that are outlined, your marriage will see great improvements. 

The couples who take this challenge say it jump started their marriage, and helped them to rekindle some lost romance. Many of the couples wanted more and signed up for the more intense version. The Dare to Love Marriage Academy. 

Let's get started:
Every day for the next seven days, you will receive an encouraging word for yourself, an action step for you to take, and a prayer for you to pray for you and your spouse. 

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Don't miss out
It's the best course ever