Craft-Paint Madness by Robin Mead

Class begins on March 12, 2018

1st Lesson 3/12/2018    Craft Paint on Paper

2nd Lesson 3/19/2018  Craft Paint on Canvas

3rd Lesson 3/26/2018  Craft Paint on Wood

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Exploring the versatility of craft paint in your personal masterpieces.I think craft paint is highly under-rated and I want to change that. I've been using craft paint for many years and I want to share my experience, ideas and tips on why it should be an integral part of your creative supply list. Craft Paint allows you to explore freely and play: Its fun, its affordable and its great experimenting when you don't have to worry about wasting expensive paint. 

...And Im having a surprise guest artist as well, that will share a really cool craft paint video..:)

Table of Contents

Papers: Using craft paint on papers for pages, backgrounds, postcards, journal covers and small format art
Canvas: Using craft paint on canvas or canvas board for wall or home decor
Wood: Using craft paint for decorative painting on plywood

Suggested Supplies

Craft Paint :any brand or what you have in stock

Assorted Brushes: bag of assorted cheap brushes from Walmart or Michaels

Plastic Palette Knives: pack of assorted plastic palette knives

Brayer: any brayer 

Squirt Bottle for water

Sponges: assorted house sponges 

24 x 18 inch Canson, or any brand you like, Watercolor Paper pad 140 lb, and 24 x 18 inch Mixed Media Media pad 90 lb 

Sharpie paint pens or markers or any permanent marker or pen


Canvas pack 9 x 12, 16 x 20 or larger if you like..either stretched or canvas board

Any Plywood piece preferable 12 x 16 or similar, or any size you would like to work on,