Design Your Daily Practice 10-day Habit-Changing Bliss Blitz

Change your daily habits, change your life. It's as simple as that.

  • Do you have an idea of the daily patterns you want to create in your life but struggle to establish them?
  • Do all of your responsibilities to work, friends, and family seem to constantly interfere with your very real need for alone time and self-care?
  • Do you keep having false starts, doing yoga or following a diet for a few days and then "falling off the wagon"? 

Don't worry! Establishing a daily practice can be super hard, but one of the best ways to get it going is by starting with a 10-day intensive. 

This fun, focused course is just the excuse you were looking for to center your own needs and aspirations for ten days straight! From there, you'll be on a roll. (Or you can simply start the course again and again--all students have lifetime access!)

For one hour every day, we will hold space for your self-care, body care, and creative practice. 

Whatever specific actions you want to incorporate into your daily life, and whatever bad habits you need to purge, we will use a permaculture-style process of inquiry, observation, and exploration to design a daily plan that you will be able to stick with long after the workshop is done. 

The progression is based on the GOBRADIME permaculture design process, helping you define your goals, establish healthy boundaries, and carve out time and space for the self-care and creative habits you need and deserve.

In this course, you will:

  • Establish a physical, emotional, and creative goal for your daily practice, and develop a plan to achieve it.
  • Identify blocks and resistances, and learn ways to smash through them.
  • Define boundaries that support your practice, and give yourself permission to hold them strong.
  • Use simple, subtle dietary changes to help your brain commit to the new habits.
  • Connect to a cohort of like-minded students who will help you stick to your plan.

We'll let you know when the next blitz is happening!

​This course includes lifetime access to:

  • 10 Short daily videos, offering inspirational advice and tangible, actionable steps to designing your daily practice, using the steps in the GOBRADIME permaculture design process.
  • 10 Downloadable templates that you can print out and hang up to remind you of your commitment and keep track of your progress.
  • 30+ Tips and suggestions to help you stick to your plan.
  • An assortment of recommended resources related to each step in the process.
  • Access to our private, students-only support group.
  • An optional "accountability buddy" to share your struggle and encourage you to succeed.

Here's what people are saying about my courses

  • Heather is an experienced life traveler. She's accomplished much, but comes across as an everyday person who I can relate to. She's smart, knowledgable, authentic, direct, open, and walks her talk.

    — Carol E., Washington D.C.
  • There's so much honesty that comes from Heather. She doesn't act as if she has the answers, or some idyllic life that is perfect because of this system she designed. The leadership in the course is raw, honest, and realistic. It's because of that that I trust Heather - she's lived some sh** and worked extremely hard to build something for herself that she is now sharing.

    — Claire G., North Carolina
  • Heather's approach felt full in compassion, concise in a dose of helpful discipline and generally well informed. I felt in good hands, as far as expectations. I felt that I could genuinely learn from her, something I value greatly. I got excited about the material because it was so true to self. In other words, this woman is legit.

    — Kelsey M., Oregon

This course is part of my mission to help women find the time, space, and support to write their stories and share them with the world. See the other courses and learn more about me at