Ecofeminist Archetypes: How to write characters that subvert patriarchy

What are archetypes and why are they important?

Whether you are writing stories, running a business, or both, if you don't make intentional choices about the archetypes you create and embody, you might end up communicating a message you didn't intend, confusing readers and clients, and missing the potential of your work. 

This is a 12-class series, with one class for every archetype. We'll explore the classic archetypal traits, experiment with applying them to the characters we write, and learn how to use these common-language human connections to embed a feminist and earth-centric paradigm into our work.

More information to come--this page is still under construction! Take advantage of early-bird pricing and feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks!

Lesson List

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Yearning for Paradise
The Innocent
The Sage
The Explorer
Leaving a Legacy
The Maverick
The Magician
The Hero
Human Connection
The Lover
The Entertainer
The Citizen
Giving Shape to the World
The Caregiver
The Ruler
The Creator

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