Heal your Spirit with Nature

Do you long to feel free? Joyful? Creative? Peaceful? Do you fantasize about having a sense of spaciousness and groundedness in your life? When you look around, does your day-to-day resemble more of rat maze than an open field? Somewhere between all the noise demanding our attention and shiny objects that we're encouraged to chase, we start to feel less alive. The fast pace of our modern lives, though stimulating to our minds, can be like poison to our spirits. That's because we are wired to stay in touch with a slower, less frantic rhythm. The rhythm of Nature. 

Not so long ago, we were aware that our survival depended upon our ability to stay attuned to the cycles and seasons of the planet. We belonged to a place. As we came to know, understand, and care for our little piece of the Earth, we also came to know, understand, and care for ourselves. While we may all love the travel and virtual networking that modern life affords us, we also suffer deeply from the rootless-ness caused by our shift away from nature connection.  

My name is Dr. Laura and I'm your guide for this course. Although I've studied human psychology and counseling for more than a decade, the real healer in this process is Nature itself. I am here to walk you through several foundational practices for healing your spirit through nature connection.  

In my 10 years of working as a therapist and coach, I witnessed the most transformation when I took clients outside of the counseling room. Fresh air, sunshine, plants, animals, and even exposure to fresh soil have now been scientifically proven to boost mood, memory, and the immune system. Even small amounts of time immersed in the natural world can calm anxiety, focus attention, and refresh our sense of creativity. 

But in our hyper-digital world, it sometimes feels impossible to find our way back to the most basic elements. I can help you reconnect. I want to help you reclaim your natural state - deeply rooted and inspired to soar

Take this course to develop a deeper relationship with your outer landscape, and your inner self. By working together to cultivate your connection to nature, we can lift your spirit and bring clarity to what really matters.  

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Table of Contents

How Nature heals
Remembering our Nature story
Finding Nature everywhere
Grounding & Air
Movement & Place
Soil & Play
Fellow beings
Taking nature inside
Cycles & Seasons - Find your rhythms

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

This is a nine-week course with one lesson released each week. This is intended to provide you with ample time to absorb and practice each lesson, and to have time to integrate the material as each concept builds upon the ones that came before.

Can I get a refund?

I'm available to help with any questions or problems you are having with the course. However, no refunds will be offered. All course sales are final.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

This course will open soon. Enter your information to be added to the waitlist.