From Busy To A Powerful Productive Life

I totally get it... you have a lot of things you need to get done in your online business but at the same time you have a family or kids to take care of but don't know how you can find the time to juggle your business around your family. 

You might be a single mom with kids or have a husband with kids but you still do more and need help with being productive so that you can see your profits margins go up and build a booming business.

Things can get so frustrating and chaotic in your life to the point you don't know what to do at times and just for once you need a system, strategy and unique tools to get you where you want for your mom life at home and a successful entrepreneur!

Whether as a sole person in your business or even if you have a team you need some direction, because you are all over the place and don't get things done and don't seem to know how you can move ahead because it's just too much. You don't know how but you know you need a new system to stream line your work flow.

You had more than enough time to be productive and get things done in your business on time, easy, efficiently and create a balance that will allow you to grow in your business and create more free time with your family!

With this course you will not only achieve that but learn a step by step approach in finishing what you started and learn a more easy flow of doing your business daily and mom life as well, so that you can feel good, feel more confident and feel accomplished too.

Hello! I am Charity Aumora and I am a Life Coach for online busy moms. I am passionate about working with online mompreneurs to help them maximize a life of happiness, peace, balance and freedom. Although I am a single mom I still manage to balance my career as an online mompreneur and raise a daughter that is a champion. I juggle all my hats I wear and I want to help you do the same. The question that every mom ask is, "Can I have it all" And the answer is "Yes" and I will show you how to do the same in less than 3 weeks!

Learn to be an online Confident Rock Star that lives a stress free life because you know how to get things done in your Business by learning how to maximize your time wisely in order to create a life of freedom and happiness for yourself & your family

  • Rock your time management skills so that you can create the freedom you deserve
  • Be keenly focused so that you can get things done quickly and efficiently
  • Balance your career with your family
  • Say no to the time wasters and yes to success and money
  • Learn the art of focus and determination
  • Practice Self Care that will give you more energy to get more things done & spend more time with your kids
  • To be more confident and have a healthier mind set that will make your business a "Money Making Operation"
  • And so much more...

In this module you will learn why being prepared is very important in your mom life and in your business as a Mompreneur so that you can be prepared and make wise choices for your business & household

You will be able to see how easy and simple it is once you have your plan all laid out in front of you with other resources, strategy and tools that will help you streamline an easy, harmonious flow in your household & business. 

Know what the necessary next steps to get you closer to your ultimate business goals( to increase your revenue, expand your brand, Write your mission statement and gain a bigger platform, ie, website to present your services & who you are)

  • Learn what your top priorities vs. low priorities so that you can focus on getting those done
  • Learn how to distinguish what is more important to get you to the next level in your business so that you can focus on those instead of unimportant things so that you can get what you need done more quickly but efficiently.
  • learn how streamlining your projects or the bigger things will allow you to get a head faster but efficiently
  • In this Module you will learn how to get it done all of your goals and develop a set daily routine that will allow you to juggle your business around your mom life in this 3 week course
  • Learn how to streamline your important projects in your business and daily personal life to get it done!
  • And ultimately learn how to use time management to get things done in your daily routine as a mom at home and for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

This is a 3 week course

What's included in this course

You will get PDF worksheets for each module and lesson, You will have videos to guide you step by step and an exclusive private Facebook Community and you get me to answer all of your questions and comments about the course work

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

What other people say...

"Special thanks to Charity helping me get laser focused on what I really want in life and helping me put it into action!"

As a mompreneur Charity inspired me with her vision board challenge that helped me get focused and clear on my goals and dreams. She did a fabulous job helping busy moms like myself also who never did a vision board until her challenge and how to execute those goals with an end date to make them a reality and seeing it daily helps to stay on track.

Charity makes it fun, easy, simple and inexpensive creating your ideal vision for success!"

Ladawn Warren

Health Coach

Company: Plant Based Heals

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This course is not for you if you are not an action oriented mompreneur who is serious about up leveling her business, and to be the best mom that you can be!

But you are the Mompreneur for this course if you truly care about helping other people and showing up for your tribe and your family and being accountable to your business and the growth of it as well!

Don't miss out

It's the best course ever for busy mompreneurs that want quick results to getting things done!

Hurry and get the introductory Rate of $149 and save $350. It ends June 14th