Learn US English Idioms

Learn Common English Phrases used in the Business Setting (US)

Los Angeles native, and TEFL teacher, Joanna Barajas explains idioms and phrases that can be hard to understand for students learning English. 

Through video, quizzes, and PDF worksheets, Joanna will show you the phrases you need to get to your next level in English! 

Joanna has taught a variety of students who speak English well, but still cannot speak like a native, because they do not understand these phrases. 

Don't wait! Learning these phrases and when they are used will help you understand American culture better, and make you more confident in speaking English.

Joanna makes it easy to understand in her fun style. She is a caring, warm teacher who loves to cook and loves using food examples to explain ideas. 

Idioms for Business English (US)

In this video you are introduced to 3 common idioms. You will learn these and more in this course. We will focus on the meaning, but also using them in everyday speech. By the end of the course, you should feel comfortable understanding and using all 50 phrases!

1. Break the ice (making things more comfortable)

2. Blessing in disguise (something bad turns out to be good)

3. Ball is in your court (whoever is making the decision)

He broke the ice with her parents when he made a funny joke. 

It was a blessing in disguise. If we left earlier we would have been in the car accident. 

The ball is in her court now. I called her and I am waiting for her to respond. 

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Table of Contents

1. What is an Idiom?

2. Positive Idioms for Success

3. Negative Idioms

4. Idioms for Casual Conversation

5. Most Common Idioms

6. How to sound like a native speaker using idioms. 

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