Develop Your Personal Brand & Grow Your Circle of Influence

Create your personal brand using FREE resources.  Capture your leadership and career style visually and infuse it into all of your digital social content. With this course, you'll develop your brand colors, fonts, and a personal summary to grow your circle of influence online.  You'll follow step-by-step lessons and use worksheets to help you capture your personal brand. 

At the end of this course, you will have your own Personal Brand Worksheet/Stylesheet ready to use for your digital content.

Along with competing a 'ready-to-use' brand worksheet your will get:

  • 20 lessons
  • FREE eBook version of entire course
  • 2 Worksheet Excercises
  • 4 Tutorial Videos
  • A List of FREE Resources

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Brands aren't just for companies. 

Do you have a personal brand?  If you are shaking your head no....stop....and start shaking your head yes. Believe it or not, you already have a personal brand. Your personal brand consists of the images you project, the messages you give, the statements you make and the things you publicly do and support.  Personal branding is how we're seen in public and in the marketplace. 

You have already been branded by others, in your daily interactions, and within your current digital footprint. The great thing about personal brands is they’re ply-able and can be pushed in a certain direction.  Meaning you can set the tone for your personal brand.

Why you should care about your personal brand.

Now that you know what a personal brand is and that you already have one. Let’s discuss why you should develop and drive your own brand.

You’re probably thinking, "I’m already a leader. I don’t need to impress anyone or tailor my profiles to attract people." Yes, that's ONE reason why some people focus on their personal brand when they're looking to attract people or offers.  But as mentioned above, people will give you a brand if you don’t form one for yourself.  So as a leader, you may not be looking to impress anyone, but you probably don’t want people to assume what you're all about.  You can also influence and inspire people through your personal brand.  By developing your personal brand and upgrading your presence on the web, you will attract more people into your circle of influence.

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Table of Contents

Getting Started
Who is this course for?
Why do you need a personal brand?
How to complete this course.
What you need to get started.
Personal Brand Worksheet
Your Personal Brand
What is a personal brand?
Personal Brand Examples
Do you have a personal brand?
Personal Brand Discovery Exercise
Why you should care about your personal brand?
Mindset Exercise
Develop Your Personal Brand
Key Elements of Your Brand
Element #1 - Picture(s)
Element #2 - Brand Colors

Frequently Asked Questions

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