Young Adults: So you want to be a writer? April Course




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Course Syllabus

Coming April 12th-April 19th, 2021

Are you a Young Adult looking to become a writer? Join DMP's seven day workshop for writers between the ages of 16-21. Get the encouragement and motivation you need to jump into the literary industry.

We will discuss topics such as Genres, Sentence Structure, Staying on Topic, Being Age appropriate, Point of View and much more.

This workshop was created for the young minds of the industry, who want to push forward with their passion in writing but don't know how. 

We will also discuss the various areas of the industry including, Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Editing and more. 

Come join this workshop to kick start your career!

Day one
Are We Connected?
Learning different Genres
Day One Homework Assignment
Day Two
Being Age Appropriate
Day Two Homework Assignment
Day Three
Learning Different Point of Views
Day Three Homework Assignment
Day Four
Talking about your Experiences
Day Four Homework Assignment
Day Five
Self-Publishing/Traditional Publishing
Tips on Editing
Day Five Homework Assignment
Day Six
Protecting Yourself and your Work
Day Six Homework Assignment
Day Seven
Tips on Social Media
End of Course/Congratulations