Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification (CCHP)

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul Through The Chakras!

>The Certified Chakra Healing Course is for conscious souls who want to explore their own energetic imbalances in order to find more peace, energy, and ease in life.

>You will self-heal, PLUS deeper develop your abilities to heal others, and become accredited in this healing art under the World Metaphysical Association.

>You will increase your know how to pin-point imbalances, and have all the tools you need to get your energy flowing freely again.

The Chakra Healing Certification is a journey into raising our awareness of our chakra system and the impacts  on our emotional, spiritual and physical health.  Each chakra is located at a specific area in the body, and governs different psychological development, organs, emotions, body parts and systems...  Learning to identify, and remove blockages will lead to better health, and increase our emotional and auric anatomy.  This course delves into the 7 Major Chakras as well as the basic extended chakras.

What you get:

❤Self paced online course on the chakras from beginner level to advanced 

 ❤Downloadable PDFs: Course Workbooks, Course Checklist, Journaling Sheets, Business Material 

 ❤Upon completion of the course (after test submission) you will receive the seal of Certified Chakra Healer to use for your Business or Website

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This week focuses on the anatomy of the physical, emotional, auric, karmic, and spiritual body. You'll learn what the chakras are and why they are important.


During week two, you'll learn the 7 basic chakras and the extended chakra system.


In week three we focus on chakras 1-3. You'll learn what these chakras represent, how they function, and how to balance them with tools from foods to unique meditations. You will also discover crystals for balancing chakras 1-3.


In week four we focus on chakras 4-7. You'll learn what these chakras represent, how they function, and how to balance them. You'll discover crystals for balancing chakras 4-7. We will also dive into astrology and how it relates to the chakras.

MODULE 4 Bonus: 

You'll learn about additional chakras within the extended chakra system, how to activate them, and crystals to balance them.


In this module you'll learn all the various tools you can use to bring chakras into balance, and discover which tools you like best. We will also chat about various other forms of energy work; Reiki, Reflexology, and more that mesh well with chakra healing.


In this lesson you'll learn how to balance, and activate your chakras using sound meditation, as well as how to perform a session from intake to closing.


In the final week you will learn how to set up your holistic business practice, receive paperwork outlines to use for clients, and tips on how to maintain your schedule, professionalism, and ethics.

Module 1: Your Auric Anatomy 
Module 2: Chakra Basics
Module 3: Chakras 1-3 (Root, Sacral, Solar)
Module 4: Chakras 4-7 (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown)
Module 5: Chakras 8-9 (Earth Star, Soul Star)
Module 6: Discover Methods of Energetic Healing
Module 7: Performing A Session, Become A Healer
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This Course IS for you IF...

>You are ready for a balanced life

>You want to know when your chakras are out of alignment and how to fix them quickly using self-inquiry, tangible tools, and energy work for a holistic approach to your wellbeing

>You want to become healthier by focusing on your self-care daily

>You want focus and are sick and tired of feeling scattered all the time

>You want to know where your emotions sit in your body and how to resolve blocks within the chakras

>You have emotional blocks from past trauma’s and unresolved issues which have made your body feel heavy and you are ready to clear them for good so that you feel light and lit up from the inside

>Your FINALLY ready to know exactly where your energy is stuck and get it moving for good

>You want to up-your game professionally and become certified in healing arts through the World Metaphysical Association

>Your looking for the next level in your 1-on-1 coaching services or in your healing practice

>You desire deep reflection and an opportunity to feel at peace internally (and on all levels)

>You love self-discovery and are willing to do the work within this journey to emerge upon completion as your best self

>You want access to a support group and network of students helps you to be accountable in your learning process and connect with like minded individuals


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"This course is the foundation of my intuitive energy practice. Not only did it give a comprehensive explanation of chakras, it gave me the tools to balance my energy, and apply the same to my clients. Jenn teaches various methods such as mudras, and chants which lets the student pick which resonates best for their own practice. This course will benefit people at all levels of experience!" -Sharon W.

"I was looking to find myself and expand on my spiritual journey and somehow the universe sent me Jenn- The Soul Filled Yogi. I had so much fun learning about the different chakra points in the body and I was also able to learn new things about myself in the process! Jenn has an advantage on most people in her field, she is super relatable and is a human sponge of information. Let me just say after taking this course, I have been consumed with any and everything spiritual from yoga, crystals, essential oils, chakras, the moon, I mean the list just goes on. My lifestyle and the lifestyles of those around me has definitely changed for the better. I am more aligned, my mindset has improved, I have learned how to always be a light for those around me, my business has grown, and I’m still taking classes with Jenn , learning all the information I can. If you are just a little bit interested in chakras, what they govern, how to open and keep them balanced, this is the right course for you!!" -Porcha C.

"Since taking this course I am more in tune to when an energy center in my body is out of balance. Recently, I was having intense vivid dreams, headaches and feeling really fuzzy. This directed me to try to tame down my 3rd eye, I feel like it was really open and out of balance. This course has helped me feel more balanced and aware of my own energies and things I need to work on. It has also made me feel more connected to spirit. I plan on using my essential oils and crystals more and bringing more yoga into my daily routine." -Carolyn T

"I have been using the techniques taught within in the course on myself and my husband. We feel something very powerful shifting while doing this healing healing work. I plan to make chakra healing and use of crystals a regular habit." -Vickie N.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Sorry babe, all course sales are final- intuition is very important in spiritual growth. I believe there is a reason you purchased this course and were led to me- its important to me that you find out why and uncover layers of yourself in this process.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Are there any required materials for this course?

No there are not any required materials, but learning about many different methods of healing throughout this course, you may be called to pick up a few things throughout...

How is this different from Reiki?

Chakra healing is different from any other modality including Reiki (Reiki uses a different set of sacred symbols) and chakra healing is more about adjusting energy in the body using the hands than it is about using symbols to heal.

What makes your course different?

There are many chakra healing courses out there, however most of them are not accredited, they will provide you with a certificate but there is no secondary agency backing the course, meaning a coach has made their course is saying it is certified but it is only certified through their brand. My course is certified and reviewed (monitored) by the World Metaphysical Association.