10 Ways to Help a Reluctant Reader

Ignite learning and love of reading in your child without fights, tears, or bribes!

Is your child late in learning to read or non-enthusiastic
about it?

Do they avoid reading or show little interest in books?

Are they only interested in books is for using them as building material for their latest game?

Are you getting push-back on the issue and tired of it?

There are at least 10 Ways you can you can make a big
difference and experience great results! 

Discover how to engage your child  and turn their rock-solid resolve of reluctance into a shared love of reading.

Learn the most essential way you can ignite learning in your child

Discover these three proven techniques for a child picking up a book on their own

A reluctant reader is merely a reader that needs some new direction. Provide the guidance they need using these 10 simple ways to help the reluctant reader.

Yes! I'm ready to have a ready reader!

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