Husbands, What Are They Good For?

Man Trouble?

If you've ever thought, "Why did I get married?" Then wonder no more!

Therese McDonald from Attaching Hearts to Home dives into the strengths and challenges in a husband's role in marriage. 

In this 35 minute talk, Therese answers:

-how to support your husband so he can love and protect you best -how to recognize when he is being noble and encourage this trait -the 7 challenges men face and how you can effectively be his shoulder to shoulder partner to navigate these tests -the forgotten secret to right-ordered competition for a thriving marriage

Strengthen your marriage and grow in intimacy when you discover exactly what husbands are good for!

Bonus: Strengthen your marriage with 8 Ways to Intimacy Prayer Guide

Yes! I'm ready to know what my husband is good for :)

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