Bring back clarity and focus without calling your child back to the task a bajillion times!

Are you frustrated by your child's lack of concentration?

Is one of your children taking all day to finish up the three math questions you gave them to do?

Do you have a child that has made dawdling a new art form with extensive ways to spread out doing simple tasks? 

You're feeling at the end of your rope and ready to call it a day with homeschooling, let alone parenting!

Is it an obedience issue? A focus issue? Or are you crazy and have too high expectations?

Dealing with focus delays on a daily basis can wear a parent down. But take heart -  There is a solution!

Discover the brain-friendly strategies for focus, delayed attention and lack of concentration issues.

Improve things for the distracted child using Therese McDonald's talk, Helping Your Child Focus.

Whether you are dealing with a labeled focus delay issue (Adhd, Aspberger's, etc.) working through a trauma that has effected your child or trying to curb a bad habit, Therese gives you actionable strategies to help your child give you and the task at hand their full and complete attention.

In this talk: 

Quickly implement the simple 3-step strategy for taking a child from the beginning to the end of a task or project with their complete co-operation

How to heal your relationship if the frustration from focus issues has harmed your connection. Work together more effectively with renewed trust

Over 20+ helpful strategies that work so you can move from distraction to laser beam focus

Move from frustration to celebration, as you and your child create strategies that work for the unique person they are and remain connected and close to each other. 

BONUS: Get a copy of Therese's  10 ways to Get Your Child to Focus e-book. The perfect companion for this talk giving you plenty of ideas, strategies and worthwhile help for your child!

Ready to solve focus issues?

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