Preparing Your Child For Post Secondary Education

Give Your Child the Confidence to Boldly Step Out into the World without Losing their Faith, Morals or sense of Home

You're child can leave home and hold close the values that you've instilled in them

But how?

By Preparing Your Child for Post-Secondary Education

Whether your child is going on to college or university, or taking a year off to travel or work you can sleep easy at night knowing that your child will know what to do when found in situations that test their faith, personal safety or their confidence. 

In this 60 minute talk, Therese McDonald from Attaching Hearts to Home gives you the help you need to prepare your child for life after homeschool. This is NOT an educational focus, but rather a focus on the way to prepare your child for the  social, political and emotional climate they are heading into. 

With Therese's own children having recently started, continued and graduated from post-secondary education, she shares the insights of what her own children were well prepared for and the surprising issues that they were not aware of and how you can better prepare your children as a result.

Topics covered:
Present State of Affairs for Post-Secondary institutions
Education and Propaganda
Attachment and Influence
Social World and Sexuality 
Drugs and Alcohol - 
Unrestricted Access to Pleasure and Self-Discipline 
and much more

Send your child out into the world with confidence that they will have the faith, skills and know-how to navigate whatever comes their way.

Ready to prepare your child for life beyond homeschool?

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There are no refunds for this product. If you are wondering if my teaching style is a good fit for you, check out my blogs with video lessons at

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