Rebuilding Arcadia Series - Module One - Introduction

Course Description

Rebuilding Arcadia explores a steampunk world where you interact with characters of your choice.  As an interdisciplinary course, it covers themes across multiple subjects.

Themes include:

  • the construction and loss of identity
  • freedom and responsibility
  • the nature of power
  • relationships and community

Course Lesson List

Introduction and Resources
Icebreaker Activity - Your Study Habits
Group Calendars and Materials
What is Self-Regulated Learning? Creative Journal Task
Why focus on Self-Regulated Learning?
Creative Journal Tasks
Evaluating your Learning - Levels 1-3
Evaluating your Learning - Levels 4-5
Neo-Victorianism and the Steampunk Genre
Principles for Interpreting Art
Character Analysis - Academic Journal Task 1
Interpreting Art - Academic Journal Task 2
Working Definitions - Academic Journal Task 3
Introduction to Steampunk
Suggested Steampunk Readings
Creating your own Knowledge Base

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This course is part of a research project into self-regulated learning. We need your feedback on what works well, what needs to be explained in more detail, and what you'd like to change.

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