Boss Babes Making Bank

Boss.  ✅ CHECK.

Babe.  ✅ CHECK.

Making bank.  ❌ NO CHECK.

You go online to get some work done and instead, there you see another woman doing it better than you, faster than you and having much more fun than you while she's doing it.  

You’re practically living on Facebook but feeling destroyed every time each post gets zero interaction.  

You're stressed out all the time so nothing feels like it's working and you simply don’t know how it could anymore.

You’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different things you've tried and don’t even know what to do next.  

And the cold hard truth?

You’re starting to doubt that you can even be successful.  

You are good at what you do but not so good at making this business work online.  

That’s because figuring out "all the things” takes time away from your clients, which takes time away from making that bank you need, so your business can grow fast and feel easy.

I want that for you too. 

This is where Boss Babes Making Bank comes in. I've made it easy for you to get the information, support and accountability you need so that you can create a business that gets results and is super easy and fun to run.

Boss Babes Making Bank is access to the resources and information you need, when you need it, in easy digestible steps and I'm there along the way to give you the 1:1 feedback you need.

You can do this because I've done it too. Back when I had only 11 people on my list and less than 90 people in my Facebook group, I was still able to make four figures in just over a month. 

I know that right now you're stuck but with Boss Babes Making Bank:

  • You'll make sales with little to no audience,
  • You'll post on social media and know that everyone sees you,
  • You'll feel so happy when your PayPal is dinging and you can't believe it can happen so quickly,
  • Stop feeling bitter when you see all these women talking about how much money they made last month doing three simple things (that never worked for you) and know that you've got everything you need to succeed.

This is for you exclusively as a female online entrepreneur who wants an online business but doesn't have the time to figure it out. That's why I've figured it all out for you and I've put it into an easy access site for you that's available 24/7.

I'm Cass, a Passive Income Strategist - a typical Virgo and a classic overachiever since I was 4 (I wrote my own Christmas cards to my preschool class), I'll show you how to set your business up online, how to attract clients using social media for free and how to make all the tech work. That way your business will run smoothly and you'll be relieved that it's all going right.

What's covered?

Business Foundation

Get clarity in all aspects of your business so you can create the foundation for consistent action and branding in your business.

Growing Your Audience

How to set up and grow your Facebook group & page, plus set up and grow your email list so when you do launch your services or products, you have an audience ready to buy from you.

Creating Your Website

What you need to include on your website, how to create a brand mood board for a consistent look and feel, plus workbooks to help you write great copy.

Social Media

Tools and strategies to use social media to show up online, be seen by your ideal client, create meaningful content your clients will love and how to use it all to make sales.


Strategies to book calls, overcome objections, discover the best place to sell your offers and how to generate buzz on your offers before you launch, so you have people waiting to buy.

Passive Income & Digital Course Creation

How all the tech works so you can introduce additional automated revenue streams in your business, leaving you with more time to spend with clients and growing your audience.

I want to... ​Identify my niche/ zone of genius / ideal client
I want to... Grow My FB Group
I want to... Grow My Email List
I want to... Create Email Funnels
I want to... Sell My 1:1
I want to... Write Content & Copywriting
I want to... Create Passive Income
I want to... Create Packages / Courses - Ideas
I want to... Create Packages / Courses - Tech Side
I want to... Use Social Media - General
I want to... Sell My Physical Products
The Admin of My Business
Group Call Replays

With BBMB you'll have everything you need to make bank in your business

Less time spent figuring it all out = more time working with clients & making sales

Just imagine:

  • growing your email list and Facebook group by hundreds of people quickly & easily,
  • creating a raving fan base full of people who love what you put out and can't wait to buy from you,
  • knowing what you need to do every day and knowing those tasks will drive your business forward,
  • making stress a thing of the past and being excited by your business every day,
  • making sales and signing clients consistently without being sleazy or salesy

Boss Babes Making Bank is for you if:

  • You know you can make your business successful
  • You're not afraid to put in the time and effort to get what you want
  • You don't make excuses and know that you are responsible for your results

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course, for the life of the course. Once you've enrolled you'll have access to the resources 24/7, so devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What resources do I need to get the most out of Boss Babes Making Bank?

As long as you've got a computer, internet access and good old pen and paper, you should be fine!

Are there additional investments I'll need to make?

Most things within Boss Babes Making Bank are free to use, some have small upfront or monthly costs - these are usually in the $10-$25 range. You don't have to use these resources but I suggest them because they make running your online business much easier.

What if I don't get any results?

Well, here's the thing, you get back what you put in so if in the first 30 days you go through at least 2 modules and show me you've done the work but had zero results, get in touch. You can email me or find me in the private Facebook group.

Do I need a lot of tech skills to complete the course?

No, everything tech related I'm going through step by step with screen-share videos so you can see exactly what button I click where to get the results you want, all you need to do is follow along if you're unsure.

What kind of businesses is Boss Babes Making Bank designed to help?

Boss Babes Making Bank is primarily for online service based businesses like coaches, speakers, event managers, virtual assistants and graphic designers. The course can help anyone who wants to reach their ideal client online and have a strong online presence.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

I know what it's like to be stuck, to be overwhelmed and to feel like I'm totally useless. I spent years trying to get online businesses to work until I finally found what I was good at. Now I'm on the other side and I know how amazing the success of a dream realised feel. I now have to help other women get there too and that's why I created Boss Babes Making Bank, to shorten your learning curve and help you get the results you desperately want, only much quicker.

Click the link below on your chosen payment option, you'll then be asked to create an account (if you don't already have one with Coursecraft, the website the course is hosted on) and then you'll be able to access Boss Babes Making Bank whenever you want.

Boss Babes Making Bank is only $475 for lifetime access