Your High Performance Playbook

Be Intentional. Be Significant.

The potential for High Performance exists within all of us. 

After fighting back from a career-ending injury in pro hockey, Doug Smith validated and detailed the system he discovered and used to regain his own high performance. In partnership with Ubiquity Leadership, this online course brings that system to anyone who wants to realize their potential and reach peak performance.

This self-paced Performance PlayBook webinar will help you become more focused, aware and intentional by increasing your skill, ability and confidence to achieve success.

What you will learn

Purpose: Create a personal Vision for your Peak Performance

Awareness: Clearly understand your challenges & options

Believe: Realize your unique strengths to help you grow

Motivation: Unlock the power of internal & external motivators

Focus: Set goals, options & plans to achieve your Vision

Trust: Learn how to amplify the trust we give and receive

Emotional Control: Discover your inner strength & resilience

Asking For Help: Gain support and influence others. 

"Break Trough Adversity To Reach Your Goals" 

-Doug Smith, NHL Hockey Pro

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