In this self-paced e-course, I will share with you about my own story and how I found COURAGE amidst these supposed life “defining” events, turning my heartaches into CREATIVE JOY. I'm a successful illustrator, blogger, mother and wife - happily married to the most incredible man...and looking FORWARD to the adventures of life that are still out there!

I'm also a survivor of child abuse, rape, and domestic violence. I lost my father after an 8-month battle with cancer in 2011 and am a survivor of a terrible car crash in 2014, that turned my plans upside down, forcing me to face life in ways never imagined. Having faced many tragedies, I’ve had to learn how to stand up, spread my wings and FLY! You can too! Join me on this creative journey to find your COURAGE today!

Unique lesson plans:

The lesson plans included in this e-course are a beautiful blend of contemporary, whimsical and traditional art skills from your instructor, Alexandra of Alexandra MacVean Illustrations. Alexandra is known to inspire individuals across the world, both nationally and internationally, with her charming illustrations and encouraging quotes.

Main features of the e-course:

  • Finding inspiration in unexpected places.
  • Facing your creative fears.
  • Creative projects for you to complete with Alexandra.
  • FREE lessons/worksheets.
  • FREE private Facebook page to engage with others.
  • FREE tutorials to guide you along.

Materials Needed:

The following materials are suggested (but not required) to make this e-course more successful for you.

  • Watercolor Paints
  • Water brush
  • Blank Watercolor Journal Book
  • Drawing pencil
  • Sketch pad
  • Tracing paper

Please note:
Although we'll be completing watercolor journal pages, the focus of this course is NOT on art/painting. Rather, the intention of this course is to present a holistic approach to life - one that empowers, inspires and encourages you to let go, say good-bye to your fears and move forward in your own creative journey.

What are you waiting for?
This course will give you that much needed boost of JOY in your life!

  • Hello Courage has been, and continues to be, a beacon of light for me these past few months. I have been enCOURAGEd, inspired and motivated to keep trying to sketch and paint....all without worrying about being perfect. I finally have permission to "color outside the lines". This has been a blessing and joy!

    — Cindy E.
  • I have learned so much from "Hello courage" that words can't explain. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your knowledge with us. Thank you for all of your hard work and support to everyone in the course! It was truly amazing and a blessing to find courage and joy through art and your guidance! I'm looking forward to enrolling in the "Hello Courage 2" course when available in the future!

    — Mari M.
  • This class was just what I needed. I've always loved art but wan't sure about my direction and have always lacked confidence in my work. I've so enjoyed learning from Alexandra - her tips, techniques and support have taught me so much. I really needed to be given permission to let go of being perfect and paint what inspires me - it's changed the way I feel about my art! Thank you, Alexandra!

    — Jane
  • I was attracted to this class as I wanted to try something new. Alexandra is a joy. She's supportive, encouraging and never fails to tell you to follow your heart. Her whimsical style has inspired me to face my creative fears and say, 'Hello Courage'!

    — Daphne B.
  • Alexandra, I want to thank you so much for offering the Hello Courage course. You truly are an inspiration! Thank you for allowing us free access to return to the experience even after the class had finished. I've already gone back to it. It inspires me when I need that extra push to get over a hump. I'm looking forward to future e-courses from you!

    — Barbara D.
  • I truly enjoyed this class! After losing my job of 19 years five months ago (and deciding to open a business) I needed something for me - to reassure me I was on the right track! Hello Courage helped me not only in my journey of being creative but the stories shared by many women really helped me to realize everything was going to be okay! So thank YOU Alexandra for sharing your talent and stories.

    — Ranee B.

Table of Contents

Section 1
Welcome Note
About Your Instructor
Misc. Resources
Rejuvinating Your Creative Soul
Section 2
Facing Your Fears, Pt. 1
FYF Worksheet 1
Hello Courage TEMPLATE
Journal Page Tutorial 1 (Video)
Section 3
Facing Your Fears, Pt. 2
FYF Worksheet 2
Journal Page Tutorial 2 (video)
Section 4
Rediscovering Your Dreams
Alexandra's Story (video)
DREAM template
Journal Page Tutorial 3 (video)
Section 5
Letting Go
Letting Go (video)
Finding JOY on Ordinary Days
Finding JOY Worksheet
Finging JOY Tutorial (video)
Section 6
Speaking Daily Truths
Speaking Daily Truths Worksheet
Speaking Truths TEMPLATE
Charms Tutorial (video)

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