The Corporate Woman's Guide to Negotiation.


Alice Crawley shares the strategies she used to double her salary in two months and then triple it within a year.

‘I have a powerful go-to formula for getting what I want in life which works every time. I’ve perfected it over many years.

It goes a little something like: An ounce of preparation + a pound of confidence building + a pinch of resilience = all that stands between you and your heart’s desire.

I find it’s a dish best served at the negotiation table.’

Alice x

This six-week online program has been created by Self wealth coach Alice Crawley. Alice has developed a results-driven series of modules that work together to teach women precisely how to ask for and – crucially – get what they want – at work, at home, in life…

At the core of the program is Alice’s trademark tenacity, empathy and compassion. She wants it for you as much as you do and backs you at every turn.

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A word from Alice:

‘Do you know how to ask for what you want?

I had no idea until 2004. Then I got wise. Now I’m passing on the principles I used to negotiate a salary worthy of my skills and experience AND dig myself out of the worst kind of money hell: $200,000 in credit card debt. I want to share the tactics I used to stop under-earning and negotiate with creditors across the globe.’

This is The One for you IF
  • You get turned down flat when you ask for what you want
  • You feel frustrated – like you’re trying hard but going nowhere
  • Your salary has stayed the same for years, but your skills and experience have grown
  • You don’t know what you want, let alone how to ask for it
  • You’re uncomfortable approaching authority figures at work
  • You feel like an impostor – like you’re about to topple off the career ladder at any moment
  • You try to negotiate at home and it turns into a screaming argument
  • You feel like people get their backs up whenever you ask them for anything
  • You fear negotiating
  • You put off ‘difficult’ conversations

‘I want to show you how to drop the doubts and see the world through the eyes of a woman who knows how to get what she wants. ‘She comes prepared, she turns every criticism to her advantage, setbacks don’t faze her and she knows the game works best when everybody wins…’



A word from Alice:

‘I may have learned the hard way, but I don’t want that for you… In my work as a money mindset coach, I see too many smart, experienced, capable women selling their services for too little and avoiding life’s difficult conversations like the plague. All because they don’t know how to ask for what they and drastically undervalue their worth. ‘I knew it had to stop. I knew I had to create the The Working Woman’s Guide to Negotiation: The Art of Asking for What You Want and Getting It program. ‘Here’s the thing: you already have so much to offer in the workplace, at home and in your social circle. It’s time you learned how to leverage this, negotiate like a pro and claim what is rightfully yours.’

Pop quiz: which of the following thoughts have you had?

A) It never occurred to me to negotiate my salary 

B) It seems greedy and mercenary to ask for more money 

C) What if they say no? I won’t even bother having this uncomfortable conversation.

‘If you answered A, B, C or all of the above, you sound a lot like Alice circa 2004. I know exactly where you’re coming from and I know you’re going to get so much out of The Working Woman’s Guide to Negotiation. The program is going to open up a whole new world for you! If you’re willing to put in the work, there’s no stopping you.’


The Corporate Woman’s Guide to Negotiation will prepare you for the negotiation of your life. It explores in-depth why negotiation is different for women and offers practical, easy-to-apply lessons in how to:

  • deal with rejection, setbacks and pushback
  • take action and, you guessed it, GET WHAT YOU WANT
  • get clear on what you want and why
  • shape your ASK based on your goals and objectives
  • prepare and strategize to set yourself up for success
  • communicate with confidence
  • get clear on what you want and why
  • shape your ASK based on your goals and objectives
  • prepare and strategize to set yourself up for success
  • communicate with confidence
  • deal with rejection, setbacks and pushback
  • take action and, you guessed it, GET WHAT YOU WANT

At the core of the program are time-tested strategies used by Alice Crawley, her mentors, contemporaries, clients and now you too!

How it works

  • There are six modules for download. The idea is to complete them in a six-week period
  • Each module has an instructional video and an interactive workbook designed to work together
  • Bonus audio recordings are also in the mix to maximize your chances of success
  • Alice first takes you through all the prep work, including…
    • inner reflection for clarity
    • exercises to build confidence and know your worth
    • advice on building credibility through thorough research
    • strategizing for optimum outcomes
    • what external factors to consider before going in
    • how to choose the best possible moment to make your move
    • the importance of staying flexible and knowing your options
  • Then it’s game on when Alice coaches you in…
    • how to handle yourself at the negotiation table
    • how to roll with the punches if the unexpected occurs
    • why you must savor the moment and pat yourself on the back when you hear that magic word ‘Y-E-S’!


  • I came to Alice for help when I was feeling stuck in many areas of my life. I knew it was my mindset that was preventing me from moving forward. After working with Alice, I felt empowered to shine a light on some of my deep-set beliefs. I was given tools to help with this, and of course Alice's support. Investing in myself boosted my confidence and shifted a lot of negativity.

    — Tori
  • Alice has a natural ability to connect with people. She makes you feel heard, understood, cared for and cherished. Her warm, compassionate nature is infused into everything she does and stands for. Because Alice shares stories from her own experience, I felt safe to reveal my history and in turn receive her wisdom.

    — Geraldine


What will I get out of The Working Woman’s Guide to Negotiation?

In Module 1, expect to…

  • get clear on what you want (in life, at work, at home)
  • work out what’s most important to you
  • determine what not asking for what you want is costing you
  • establish your why (your bigger purpose and motivation)
  • make a personal commitment to the program and take action.

In Module 2, expect to…

  • get clear on what you want to ask for
  • identify your objectives for important conversations and negotiations
  • identify your options in your negotiations
  • get clear on your bottom line
  • clarify ideal timing for important conversations and negotiations
  • find out what to do if you don't know what you want.

In Module 3, expect to…

  • recap on your interests, including what you're asking for, why and how
  • understand why you may feel apprehensive about negotiating
  • get clear on the truth about women and negotiation – barriers and backlash
  • get clear on your the other parties’ interests to help you position your offer
  • do your research and learn your facts so that you can make a compelling ask
  • explore how to be strategic and plan ahead
  • learn to be flexible when it comes to outcomes
  • prepare for a 'win-win' scenario
  • assess your current negotiation style and learn new ways to improve your approach.

In Module 4, expect to…

  • learn how to develop confidence as a behavior
  • learn about the 'Impostor Syndrome' and how to manage it
  • get clear on your value and worth
  • learn how to cultivate confidence through your physical state
  • learn how to practice before you negotiate
  • learn the importance of blowing your own trumpet
  • explore my top tips for communicating with confidence
  • mentally prepare for a great outcome
  • learn key phrases for your negotiation.

In Module 5, expect to…

  • learn how to build resilience
  • learn strategies to overcome your biggest fears
  • discover how to recover from rejection
  • bounce back from setbacks
  • learn how to deal with getting a 'NO'
  • learn how to manage pushback.

In Module 6, expect to…

  • accept that we don’t have to be perfect
  • review the key principles from Modules 1-5
  • practice, practice, practice
  • learn how to honor our individual journeys
  • celebrate your successes!



How long do I have access to the course?

The course runs over six (6) weeks. Every 7 days you'll receive the next content release. You have access to this course material for one year.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 7 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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