Emotional Permaculture: Design Your Inner Landscape

Design Your Inner Landscape

Procrastination, burnout, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, overwhelm. These are all symptoms that you need to put some energy into designing your inner landscape. 

This is a short yet challenging workshop that will help you see how you can use the same the principles and processes of permaculture to create a daily practice in your personal life that supports your ideas, desires, and creativity, and nurtures your ongoing need for self-care. 

Because change has to start with yourself, and if you're not happy with your day-to-day quality of life, then how are you going to set an example for a sustainable world?

Design for catastrophe

Beyond daily happiness and productivity, how well is your emotional system designed for catastrophe? And can you see how the two are intertwined? The more grounded you are in your daily, physical and creative pursuit of your juicy permie goals, the more capable you will be of navigating disaster. It's all connected.

Whether you're a farmer, a writer, a teacher, an activist, a parent, an entrepreneur, or all of the above, it's super important to have a good design at the foundation of your YOU. An intentional design will make you more focused, more empowered, and more abundant.

And when the manure hits the fan, you'll be ready.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about social permaculture, and now there are some social permaculture courses starting to happen, which is great. 

But I want to talk about emotional permaculture, and about using permaculture for mental health, and for becoming the person you need to BE in order to help bring about the cultural shift we need in order to survive (and thrive) as a species.

Here's what you need to know about the emotional permaculture workshop ​

About the Instructor

Hi! I'm Heather Jo Flores. If we don't already know each other, you might be familiar with my book, Food Not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community. I wrote that book some time ago, and since then I have traveled all over, teaching workshops, planting gardens, and building communities. 

And everywhere I go, people struggle with burn-out, depression, overwhelm, despair. Everywhere I go people can't seem to get along with even their closest comrades, let alone the larger community. And if we can't get along with ourselves and each other, how in the heck are we gonna save the planet?

Food Not Lawns has a couple of chapters about building community and getting along. But I was younger then, dogmatic, and knew so much less about what it means to love myself and others. Now I have built on that work for more than a decade, have gone deep into a personal metamorphosis, augmented by rigorous academic inquiry, and sweetened with a heaping spoonful of real world praxis. 

The result? A mount of reliable, transformative, and deliciously useful techniques that you can use, daily, to improve your mental and physical health, your relationship with the world, and your ability to do permaculture, for real. 

I hope you love it and I'll see you in the group.

--Heather Jo Flores

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Sliding Scale Tuition
Please pay if you can. Thank you!

When does it start and end?

The course is "3 days" but you can start anytime, go at your own pace, and take as long as you want to work through the material. Everything is stored online so you can access the classes anytime. All students have lifetime access.

Do I need to know permaculture to take this course?

Not at all. This is an all-levels class and we'll explore a basic intro to permaculture on Day 1.

What other permaculture classes do you offer?

I have a bunch! Go to for more information or just shoot me an email

Do you offer personal guidance through the course?

We have a FB discussion group associate with this course and I am the moderator there, so I do my best to answer questions and respond to what folks are sharing. I also offer a discounted rate on my 1:1 coaching services for people enrolled in my courses. Email me if you want to book a free 20-minute discovery call to see if coaching is what you need.

The course is just a teaser!

I offer a full menu online courses using permaculture, yoga, and creative expression to help you clear obstacles, take better care of yourself, and unleash your creative potential!