Emotional Permaculture: Design Your Inner Landscape Workshop

Design Your Inner Landscape

Do you want to grow your own food, design a sustainable homestead, and help your community to be more resilient, but you often feel burnt-out, overwhelmed, frustrated, or depressed?

Yeah, me too. Though lately, not nearly as much.

That's because I figured out ways to use what I already knew about permaculture to design a daily self-care and creative practice that supports my mind, my body, and my work in the world. And with that practice as an anchor, over time, all of that bitterness, frustration, and feeling like nothing I did was ever enough...just melted away. 

It really was that simple. 

Well, not really. But the design process was simple, and it's an excellent place to start. 

In this workshop you will design a daily practice, using the same principles and process that  help make outer landscapes more sustainable, because patterns repeat on every scale, and your mind, heart, body, are at the very core of your every action, so they should also be at the core of your every design.

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Tuition is Optional
I'm offering this workshop as a service, for a limited time, but you are welcome to pay for it! I definitely appreciate that.

Free (for a limited time only)


Tuition (Optional donation to Heather Jo Flores)

$40 once

Design for catastrophe

Beyond daily happiness and productivity, how well is your emotional system designed for catastrophe? And can you see how the two are intertwined? The more grounded you are in your daily, physical and creative pursuit of your juicy permie goals, the more capable you will be of navigating disaster. It's all connected.

Whether you're a farmer, a writer, a teacher, an activist, a parent, an entrepreneur, or all of the above, it's super important to have a good design at the foundation of your YOU. An intentional design will make you more focused, more empowered, and more abundant.

And when the manure hits the fan, you'll be ready.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about social permaculture, and now there are some social permaculture courses starting to happen, which is great. 

But I want to talk about emotional permaculture, and about using permaculture for mental health, and for becoming the person you need to BE in order to help bring about the cultural shift we need in order to survive (and thrive) as a species.

Here's what you need to know about the emotional permaculture workshop ​

The Workshop Starts Here
Day One: What is Emotional Permaculture?
Day Two: The Design Process
Day Three: Zones and Sectors

What's the time commitment?

That's entirely up to you. You can go at your own pace, skip around, and take as long as you want to finish the work. Though I recommend carving out some time to focus and go deep, if you'd rather ease your way in, that's just fine too.

Will it always be free?

This course is free, with an optional (encouraged) tuition of $40. I offer it as an introduction to my style of online teaching, and as a service to the community. In the future, some of the content for this course may be moved to a paid course, so if you wait too long to do it, then yes, it is possible you will have to pay for access to some of the juicier content in here.

Can you personally help with my design?

I don't offer private tutoring in this workshop but I do offer a much deeper level of instruction in my Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion. It's about 100 hours of in-depth training, and costs about as much as 2-3 sessions with a personal coach.

The big picture...

This Design Your Inner Landscape workshop is a tiny excerpt from my three-month Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion program. Somewhere between an online artist retreat and a vision quest, the Immersion is an opportunity for you to take yourself on an epic adventure through the depths of your mind, your body, your connection to the Earth, and your innate, unique creativity, to get at the core of your unmet needs and unleash a flow of creative ideas to help you innovate new and better solutions to not just your own problems, but those of your community.

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