Unlock Love - 6 Weeks To Heal Yourself Into A Loving Relationship

Anyone can sell love. 

Frankly speaking, anyone could be in a relationship in a matter of days, but is that relationship healthy? 

Are YOU healthy in that relationship? 

Does it bring out the best in you, or the worst?  

Unlock love is about unlocking your heart.  

Removing the barriers to a loving relationship. 

Learning how to find love and how to keep it. 

In a relationship? Amazing. Unlock Love has been shown to strengthen that bond. Creating dialogue around things that matter to deepen emotional intimacy. Increasing each individual's level of self love. Releasing toxicity in the union.

Single? Also awesome. Unlock Love is designed to put  you in the best possible position to call love in. We'll get to the pragmatic stuff (what apps to use, what to write, where to go, etc.) AND get that big beautiful heart of yours open and ready to receive an amazing partner. 

Here is what we're going to do in Unlock Love:

  • Rewire your brain for positivity
  • Cut cords of attachment
  • Release toxicity
  • Learn to trust again
  • Heal your inner child
  • Remove the fear of vulnerability
  • Learn what real love looks like 
  • Learn how to find love and keep it
  • Step into your truth and strength
  • Fill yourself with self-love
  • Rewrite your story

This isn’t a guide on finding your guy or girl. This is a guide on finding yourself. Only when we are whole will we be able to truly enter into a healthy relationship.

So What's Included?

A Six Week Healing Journey to Love

Six Video Classes (Audio Available)

A Beautiful 26-Page Workbook with Weekly Homework Assignments

Seven Hypnosis Tracks to Guide You

Access to A Private Facebook Group

The Ability to Change Your Life

All for $79. 

What People Are Saying

  • People ask me all the time why I’m single. While it’s one of my least favorite questions, I’ve never taken the time to actively do something about it. Participating in Unlock Love, Rachel offered sound advice, helped me to navigate what’s holding me back, and provided me with tips and tricks for finding Mr. Right! Rachel’s wealth of experience, down-to-earth approach, and online hypnosis tracks have helped me to feel much better equipped to get out there and find love! Just a few weeks post-session, I haven’t yet found him… but I absolutely know that I’m on the right track. Thanks, Rachel!

    — Kelly
  • As newlyweds, Rachel’s Unlock Love class was so educational and thought-provoking. From our gratitude journal to cutting chords and release writing there was so much valuable information covered. Rachel encouraged heart-to-heart discussions that have helped our relationship grow. We highly recommend this class!

    — Chris and Kendall
  • If you are considering participating in Rachel’s Unlock Love, I highly, highly recommend you do so. You will not be sorry. Rachel is as incredible in a group learning situation as she is on television. She is wise, intuitive, smart, kind and caring in breaching difficult challenges related to our relationships, both past in present. The lessons I gauged from my time with her will carry over into so many aspects of my life. I was able to face head on relationships from my past that were carrying into the present. I have grown tremendously in so many ways. The homework assignments, readings, (and) hypnosis recordings only enrich the learning process. Rachel truly understands the relationship process and the components to have the love in your life you deserve. Take the time and make the investment, she is amazing and your life and relationships will be changed forever. I am forever grateful to this amazing woman.

    — Carrie
  • Unlock Love truly prepared me to be ready and open to love! Not only did I learn what my personal roadblocks were when it comes to love, but I now have the tools to break through those roadblocks. This course was beneficial for so many proved to me that I am worthy of love, I am desirable and I am enough. I am ready to spread my wings and find love thanks to her.

    — Megan

Who is Rachel DeAlto?

Rachel DeAlto is a relationship expert, coach, hypnotherapist, television host, motivational speaker, author, and spokesperson. Rachel believes that relationships are the foundation of everything, and it is essential to learn to navigate those relationships with great communication, a sense of perspective, and self-awareness.

As a relationship expert, Rachel is featured on Lifetime’s hit show Married at First Sight. She is also the host of FYI’s Kiss Bang Love, a provocative social experiment based on the science of kissing. Additionally, Rachel is an expert and coach on Lifetime’s Second Chances.

Rachel DeAlto maintains an undergraduate degree from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, as well as a Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall University School of Law. These two degrees and professional experience have provided her with a strong foundation in interpersonal communications and relationships.

Further professional training as a coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and certification as a hypnotherapist via the International Association Of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) has allowed Rachel to bring a multidimensional approach to her work.

In addition to her regular appearances, Rachel has also been featured on a multitude of media outlets including The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN/HLN, Access Hollywood Live, The Steve Harvey Show, and Fox News. She has also given two TEDx talks on the Power of Kindness and Killing Fear.

Table of Contents

Pre-Course Prep Work
Week One: Rewire Your Brain for Positivity
Week Two: Release the Past...for Your Future
Week Three: Vulnerability and Trust - Becoming Courageous
Week Four: Create Your Ideal Love Life - Single or Attached
Week Five: Be Not Afraid - Fear and The Power of Truth
Week Six: Self Love for Life

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

How do I receive the lessons?

After you enroll, you will immediately receive the Pre-Course Prep. The next day you will receive access to Week One. Each lesson will be released a week after the last. You are given a full week to implement the lessons and homework. I know it's tempting to skip to the end or race through, but if you really want to change your life, it's important to take your time with the course.