Rising Ever Upward for Network Marketers: Beginners Video Training Program

Rising Ever Upward for Network Marketers: Beginners Video Training Program

Showing up in life as our authentic selves can be hard. To be yourself fully without apology, to push through discomfort to take risks, and to engage as your true self in relationships is not always easy! When you're asked to do all of that in your business it can seem even scarier!!!!

Here's the thing though.....

Being your authentic, best you is so important in our industry! When you work your business with wholehearted courage you grow your business because connection is born only of vulnerability. And the success of Network Marketing, as you know, DEPENDS on connection!

Tapping into this courage, vulnerability, and growth can be intimating to do on your own and even harder when you are working to apply it to your business.

I created Rising Ever Upward for Network Marketers in combination with my 18 years as a Therapist, my work with Dr. Brené Brown, and my own thriving Network Marketing Business to bring you well-rounded, effective, and actionable content.

The Rising Ever Upward for Network Marketers work teaches you the language and the skills to help you show up as your true-self in your relationships and in your business. It gives you the support and structure to navigate the stumbles you encounter with courage to learn, get back up, and try again.

What is covered in this series:

In this training program you learn how to:

  • Take those first important steps in building a successful business
  • Establish an authentic network marketing business
  • Be vulnerable and how that helps you business grow
  • Rise above rejection or struggles to stay consistent
  • Talk to your potential customers and team members with full authenticity 

Who is this perfect for?

This beginners video training program is perfect for:

  • People just starting out in their business
  • People who have been doing network marketing for a while and not seeing results
  • People who are thinking about network marketing and not even sure where to start
  • People who want to run their business 100% authentically 

Why this works for your business:

When we practice this work more people are drawn to us and trust us which equals high-integrity business growth. Yes, please! When we are brave enough to live and work vulnerably, we will fall and fail, but this work teaches the tools to pick ourselves back up and keep going. Knowing tools on how to start and how to keep going is vital if you want to have a thriving business. 

My own team has consistently added to the team and ranked up since doing this work with me. I have had a Gold level rank up each month consecutively for the last 3 months and those leaders are recruiting new leaders to our Plexus team! As a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown) I have found my Rising Ever Upward curriculum to be imperative in building a strong network marketing business and having a team of happy and authentic leaders. 

Justine Brooks Froelker

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Bonus Content**!

Authentic Marketing Cheat Sheet:

Crafting awesome, authentic marketing posts not your strong suit? This cheat sheet will help you craft posts that stand out, engage your audience, all while staying true to who you are!

Work Week Planning Calendar:

Ready to have some structure with your business? Use our Work Week Planning Calendar to help you schedule your business time with the max amount of productivity possible! 

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Table of Contents

Start Here: The Basics of Starting your Business
Lesson 1: Vulnerability: Your Secret Weapon in Business
Lesson 2: Sustaining your Business and Momentum
Lesson 3: Taking Care of Yourself while Taking Care of Business
Next Steps: Getting your Business to Thrive
Bonus Content*

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

When will the Advanced Training Program be Released?

December 1st! But you can pre-order a bundle now for an awesome discount! Seriously, it's an awesome deal!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

When do I have access to the content!

You get access to all content right away!

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“I am LOVING Justine’s self-paced video series for network marketing!!! She really helps you delve into your mindset, which I believe is absolutely crucial to succeeding at anything, not just network marketing! ... I mean digging deeper than positive affirmations alone could ever do for you! And she’s so down to earth. It’s refreshing!” ~ Robin

Full disclosure: before Justine's course I practiced a lot of vulnerability in my life and business. But this course was the gentle kick in the pants I needed to take it to the next level not only in my business, but in my life. Showing up as my authentic self has been messy but freeing in ways I didn't imagine. It has opened opportunities that would have taken SO much more energy and time if I had tried to manufacture them! I have all the worksheets from Justine's course printed out and kept in a pretty binder - I use them as a reference, to keep on track and focused when I begin to get overwhelmed or unclear in my business. If you're looking for authentic, uncomplicated, and do-able - you're in the right place! Once you taste the results, you're gonna say, like me, "gah! I LOVE vulnerability!" No joke. This isn't just gonna blossom your business, this is going to blossom your LIFE. ~Kyla

I was referred to Justine’s infertility work via a friend. I’ve been following her for a few months now as I’m on a journey of creating a new life, different from the one I had envisioned. I was looking for a way to add income to help with the medical bills incurred from our infertility journey. I started a MLM company July 2014, quickly realized it was something I wasn’t passionate about. I joined another company April of 2016, after having initial success and hitting the first 4 ranks quickly my business stalled. I knew something needed to change within myself, I didn’t realize how much “mental clutter” was interfering in my belief I was deserving of the success with this opportunity. Justine’s course was the motivation I needed to work through the “mental clutter” and know that I am deserving and worthy. If you have a mental block of any kind and are ready to take your life & business to the next level this course is for you! ~Catrina