Heroine's Journey Feminist Storycraft Workshop for Radical Women Writers

Not just a hero with boobs.

The hero's journey isn't the only way to tell a story.

And if you’re a feminist, the hero’s journey formula is kinda problematic.

Critics of the classic Hero’s Journey "monomyth" formula, (a la Joseph Campbell, all of Hollywood, and even most of the strong female heroines in the current trend,) argue that these stories do less to liberate women and more to uphold and perpetuate patriarchy, capitalism, and oppression than they want you to think.

Even with this new surge of empowered women in film and television, most of the stories are still following the same formula, and the protagonists are still using violence to solve their problems. A "hero with boobs" is hardly the radical shift we need.  

Take a peek at this diagram of the traditional storytelling structure (the one that's still used in nearly ALL popular film, television, and literature, both fiction and non-fiction).   

We'll take this whole thing apart, put it back together, and intersect it with an inquiry-based practice in the fine art of crafting a story that readers will adore.

So, what’s a “heroine's journey” and how is it different?

  • What happens in a feminist story, one meant to liberate both reader and writer? 
  • What are the characteristics of a truly radical protagonist, and how does she solve her problems without violence?
  • And how can this information be applied to a practical, words-on-the-page process for writing that book you've been talking about?

I’ve spent the last decade learning how to write stories that feature female characters who represent both an accurate representation of the complexity of what it means to be a woman, and also provide a healthy role model. 

Because that's what literature does: it shapes culture. And, as culture makers, our stories are one of our most powerful tools. 

I've developed this course specifically for you, the radical, self-empowered, Earth-loving feminist writers! I'm looking forward to reading your work, and to helping you bring forth the stories you were born to tell.

Join us a year-long inquiry into the structure, armature, and archetypes of a heroine's journey, and allow me to lead you, step-by-step, through the process of creating your own book-length manuscript.

13 classes over the course of a year
Establish your practice and finish your projects.

What you'll learn in this course:

Structure+armature+archetype+daily practice=your finished manuscript.

The whole point of this course is for you to get your novel, memoir, or screenplay written. A beginning, a middle, and an end. A finished first draft, ready to be seen, edited, and, eventually, published.

But even if you’re just writing for yourself--short stories, a personal blog, magazine articles--the patterns and principles you will learn in this course will help you look deeper into your characters and their quests, and create (and live) a story that empowers kindness, equality, and non-violence.

Sliding scale tuition

Finish your manuscript in a year.

A fun, focused roadmap to building your own Heroine’s Journey

The course starts with an overview of the classic hero's journey and an analysis of how a heroine's journey might be different. We'll look at the lineage of the heroine’s journey inquiry, establish a pattern for a narrative that embraces the feminist experience, and build an outline for your project. We’ll also look at your work habits, and address any resistance issues you might be having, such as writer’s block and imposter syndrome.

We'll also explore basics of the writing craft, looking through a feminist lens, such as:

  • How to construct scenes and scene sequences.

  • How to write dialogue, action, humour, and suspense.

  • How to hook and retain a reader until the end, and conjure an unforgettable story that they won’t stop telling their friends to read.

  • How to use archetypes, personal truths, and intuition to build believable, complex characters.

Every 28 days you’ll get a new class, each with three parts, one for each of the three major components of a story: the plot (structure), the theme (armature), and the characters (archetypes).

And, after each class, you'll have one important homework assignment: to write. I’ll also include lots of optional exercises to practice your craft, establish your daily practice, and investigate examples of feminist heroines in modern film, television, literature, and pop culture.

Between classes, we'll meet up in our private online discussion and support group, where we'll share work and go deeper into the concepts in the course.

The program runs a year long (13 classes), and by the end of it, you’ll have your manuscript.

And all through the process, anytime you need extra support or encouragement, you'll have a whole community of radical women writers to lean on.

Here's the list of classes:

Heroine's Journey Feminist Storycraft Workshop
Of Heroes and Heroines
Illusion (Death)
The Way Forward (Birth)

About the Instructor

Hi! I'm Heather Jo Flores. I'm a published author, successful freelance writer, permaculture designer, and a geeked-out, obsessed gardener. I have an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, focused on the Heroine's Journey and how our stories are connected to both how we shape our lives and how we come into relationship with the Earth. 

My mission is to help women find the time, space, and support to write your stories and share them with the world.

I'm not the only woman who’s been down this heroine's journey rabbit-hole! Lots of amazing scholars and writers are also on this quest, and I’ll include as many resources as I can find for you, throughout the course. However, I am the only one who has taken this treasure chest of resources into an accessible, actionable online course that walks you, step-by-step, through the conception and manifestation of a book-length work that speaks truth to power and tells your unique, authentic story in a voice that is meaningful to you and your audience.

Here's what real students are saying about my courses:

  • The format is comprehensive--for all learning styles--kinesthetic, visual, and auditory; it engaged my right and left brain--never a dull moment. I love the dancing, putting my feet in mud, and talking to the trees. I also loved your videos--what a personal touch! Besides the amazing amount of valuable content, the length of the course and your level of commitment and connection kept me coming back.

    — Barb
  • I'm thinking about these topics all day- while I bike, garden, cook, stretch. My inner world is enriched. I'm talking with friends about this stuff. I am flinging myself into a space I don't always choose to give myself, for reflection, self-knowledge, and growth. These are things I could do on my own, but-surprise- sometimes I don't. I can't wait to see where it continues to lead me.This prompt also encouraged me to view my shadow in a way that felt non-judgemental, real, soft, and productive.

    — Kate
  • I really enjoy Heather's straightforward approach to her lessons. She shares a lot of stories from her own life and is open about the struggles she has overcome; this makes my feel more open to explore the nitty gritty of my life too. When I watch her lesson videos it feels like I am just chatting to a wise friend in her garden!

    — Lucie
  • Heather's approach felt full in compassion, concise in a dose of helpful discipline and generally well informed. I felt in good hands, as far as expectations. I felt that I could genuinely learn from her, something I value greatly. I got excited about the material because it was so true to self. In other words, this woman is legit.

    — — Kelsey

Write your heroines.
Become a part of the new narrative and help us change the world.