Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion

Change yourself, change the world.

  • Do you long to be more creative, more authentic, more sovereign?
  • Do you feel burned out, stuck, and distracted by bad relationships, dead-end jobs, and a mediocre quality of life? 
  • Do drama, depression, and distraction consume chunks of your life that you'd rather spend on art, movement, creative writing, permaculture projects, travel, adventure, and activism?
  • Are you ready to clear these obstacles, break free from oppressive patterns, and manifest your unique brilliance so that you can bring your joyful shining light into the world?

Hi! I'm Heather Jo Flores, and I believe in finding a path toward building a more sustainable planet and human culture. But how?

I grew up super rough, spent my youth addicted to drugs, and then went on to pioneer the urban permaculture movement in Oregon with my Food Not Lawns project and book. I've spent my life as an organic farmer, interdisciplinary artist, and grassroots activist, building community, growing food, sharing resources. I've also spent thousands of hours learning about PTSD, trauma recovery, and how to overcome depression without drugs.

Because, everywhere I go, I see the same pattern: 

People who want to change the world but who are struggling, suffering, and stagnating. They are traumatized by the world, and scrambling to do good work while in the grips of oppression, both from outside of themselves and from within. The despair is rampant, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. People are oppressed, and they are oppressing. Themselves and each other. It ain't pretty.

That's why I've developed the Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion. 

The Immersion uses Yoga, Permaculture, Phenomenology, the Heroine's Journey, and Ephemeral Arts to unleash your most creative, impassioned, and effective YOU. I've studied all of these things in great depth, and I know how to use them to heal yourself. 

From there, we can change the world, together.

What do Permaculture, the Heroine's Journey, Yoga, Phenomenology, and Ephemeral Arts have in common?

A playfully ruthless, radically honest exploration

Decolonizing yourself is a heartbreaking, art-making, deeply personal and hilariously political journey that will bring you into clear view of the life you want, and will connect you to a community that needs and values your work. 

Somewhere between an online artist retreat and a vision quest, the Immersion is an opportunity for you to take yourself on an epic adventure through the depths of your mind, your body, your connection to the Earth, and your innate, unique creativity, to get at the core of your unmet needs and unleash a flow of creative ideas to help you innovate new and better solutions to not just your own problems, but those of your community. 

"The Immersion course is the obvious culmination of a lifetime of work. The integration of so many different modalities of healing, combined with solid research, and Heather's very real voice and presence has been so valuable in helping me commit to a daily practice. Heather holds up a mirror in a compassionate, but clear way that has helped me find a path through my own bullshit." --Celeste, a nurse

​Do you need to Decolonize Yourself?

I define "colonized" as: having something that was your birthright taken without your consent, for the ongoing use and profit of others. 

Your mind, your body, your time, and your creativity are your birthright. And if others are controlling any parts of those elements of you, then you're due for a decolonization.

And especially if you feel passionate about decolonizing the land in the literal sense, such as fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples, then you need to make sure nobody is colonizing your mind and body, and you need to make double sure you are not colonizing others.

Decolonization, in all manifestations, is about your own behavior. 

For too long we've been locked in this cycle of colonization-resistance-violence-more colonization-personal trauma-reactive abuse-patriarchy-more colonization…UGGH! It's chaos, it's been going on for millennia, and we're getting nowhere.

The only way out is through. 

And the only way through is a playfully ruthless, radically honest exploration of the ways in which we oppress ourselves and others on a daily basis.

Whatever it is that you create, you are the only one who can do it your way, in your voice, from your heart.

And you playing small doesn't serve anyone. It doesn't even serve you.  

So stop f***ing around. 

And if you can't commit, don't enroll. Because this is hard work.  

If you're just looking for another cheap distraction, a "21-days to your perfect body quick fix" to make you feel better so you can go back to feeling generally distracted and dissatisfied, then move on. 

This isn't that. 

You can't get a yoga body in 21 days and you can't undo a lifetime of cultural and emotional conditioning in a few weeks. But you can certainly get started, and with a committed daily practice you can completely reinvent yourself. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen more quickly than you might think!

And the Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion is designed to last a lifetime.

Once you discover why you hold yourself back, and challenge yourself to seize the day, every day, then you'll be free to bring your best work into the world through a committed, intentional practice. 

We will build you a treasure chest of ideas, tools, and coping mechanisms for staying strong, focused, creative, and happy, even in the face of extreme challenges. And we'll stuff your pockets full of inspiring, light-bringing creative challenges that will bring out the best of you for many years to come.

First, we learn it, we go through it together. And then, you'll spend the rest of your life practicing. That’s why once you’re in the course, you’re in for life. With lifetime access, you can take the course as many times as you want, and our awesome community will be here for you, 24 hours a day, all around the world.

​If you are truly ready to explore your potential and unleash your authentic, empowered self, this Immersion is exactly what you need.​

You will:

  • Explore the root of your deep motivations, obstacles, and self-talk, to get at what's holding you back.
  • Connect to your archetype and formulate clear goals around which to focus your path and your passion.
  • Use permaculture to design a clear, tangible plan for achieving your goals.
  • Assemble a toolbox of information, coping skills, and problem-solving techniques to use again and again to cope with daily stresses, long term trauma, and future challenges.
  • Establish a daily practice through daily challenges and experiments.
  • Turn problems into solutions and tap into the hidden potential in what you thought were your greatest flaws.
  • Engage with a community through which you can draw resources , distribute your work, and participate in sustainable local economies.

Sneak Preview

I've made more than 70 videos for this course, packed with real life examples of how these techniques can totally transform your life (and by extension, your community.) But for now I thought it would be fun to share with you a sneak preview from 2/3 of the way through the course--my home stretch check in! 

About Me

Hi! I'm Heather Jo Flores! 

I'm a spitfire Chicana writer, artist, musician, cultural catalyst, a geeked-out seed saver, and a lifelong explorer of both outer and inner frontiers. I have 25 years of experience in a wide range of creative and community-based projects. I wrote Food Not Lawns, How To Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community in 2006, and founded the original Food Not Lawns collective, back in 1999. 

I'm also credentialed educator and curriculum designer, with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and a BA in permaculture pedagogy. I'm a scholar of yoga, ecofeminism, trauma recovery, the heroine's journey, and land-based creative expression. 

The Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion is the cumulation of my life's work and the product of my quest to balance the need for health, and happiness with my passion for fighting oppression and creating safe space for others. 

To read more about my own adventure, go here.

  • 'm thinking about these topics all day - while I bike, garden, cook, stretch. My inner world is enriched. I'm talking with friends about this stuff. I am flinging myself into a space I don't always choose to give myself, for reflection, self-knowledge, and growth. These are things I could do on my own, but-surprise- sometimes I don't. I can't wait to see where it continues to lead me.

    — Kate, a teacher
  • Heather is passionate, energetic, and committed. She is warm, personal and totally fearless and embraces people with outrageous vigor. Her courses are a riot! Fun, engaging, silly, and challenging. It was perfect for me, exactly what I needed.

    — Rhonda, an activist
  • Heather is an experienced life traveler. She's accomplished much, but comes across as an everyday person who I can relate to. She's smart, knowledgeable, authentic, direct, open, and walks her talk."

    — Carol, a designer
  • Heather was an absolute delight to work with! Her workshop that was full of insightful information and extremely inspirational. Heather's enthusiasm is contagious and her vision is exciting and accessible. Do yourself a great service: take her course.

    — Elizabeth, a therapist
  • There's so much honestly that comes from Heather. She doesn't act as if she has the answers, or some idyllic life that is perfect because of this system she designed. The leadership in the course is raw, honest, and realistic. It's because of that that I trust Heather - she's lived some shit and worked extremely hard to build something for herself that she is now sharing.

    — Claire, a copywriter
  • I'm reclaiming my true self. I'm laughing more, making art out of the stones in the driveway while I wait for my kid to get off the bus. I feel more beautiful. I'm taking more responsibility for changing things I'm not happy with. I feel more connected to the spirit I had as a girl and young adult. I'm starting to write a memoir/meditation.

    — Megan, a mother
  • I really enjoy Heather's honesty with herself, and her voice when she describes her own journey. I like that she is brilliant and diversely creative, and brings those talents to the creation of this course. The diversity of tools Heather offers is both intense and meaningful in trying to figure out a way forward and out of the traps of the past.

    — Amalthea, an entrepreneur
  • I really enjoyed the way it was designed to make us really feel like we were on a journey, and then the rest of the course delivered! I really enjoy Heather's down-to-earth approach to her lessons. She shares a lot of stories from her own life and is open about the struggles she has overcome; this makes me feel more open to explore the nitty gritty of my life too. When I watch her videos it feels like I am just chatting to a wise friend in her garden! I especially enjoy the Phenomenology because it encourages deep personal and spiritual reflection without being prescriptive. I tend to not make enough space for unplanned free-flowing creativity in my life so this gave me the opportunity to do more of that. Also, I am enjoying the community. People are being so open and honest and it's nice to have that safe space to share and connect. That is something that I feel has been lacking in my life.

    — Lucie, a poet
  • I have a renewed commitment to myself; to a staunch genuineness while alone and with company, to structuring my day in such a way that affords me the things I need (exercise, breath work, somatic dance!), and being both accountable and kind to myself on the day to day. This course was a beautiful reminder to check in about who I am, who I want to be, and how to get there.

    — Mollie, a farmer

Table of Contents

C.R.E.A.T.E. Your Life 

The Immersion happens in Six, 10-day Phases. Each Phase is based on a letter in the acronym C.R.E.A.T.E., and each class follows a theme. 

Start Here
Phase One: Choose A Path
Day 1: C.R.E.A.T.E.
Day 2: Body
Day 3: Mind
Day 4: The Beast
Day 5: The Destiny of Vicinity
Day 6: Dreams
Day 7: (Think Tank) Habitat
Day 8: Yoga
Day 9: Plants
Day 10: Metamorphosis
Phase Two: Reconcile Your Debts
Day 11: Debt
Day 12: Patterns in Nature
Day 13: Survival
Day 14: Residue

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