Reignite Your Life Course - 2018

Using Photography to Refind Yourself & Your Passions

Are you in transition, feeling lost?

Transition can be hard. Right now, you may be feeling uncertain or as if time has passed you by. Big life changes can leave you unclear about where you fit in and what comes next. I definitely felt that way and as if, something was missing from my life. That is exactly why I created this course. 

I hit a milestone birthday and life felt unfulfilling and lackluster. Honestly, I was depressed. That's me below in a self-portrait I took at the time. I have more parenting to do and love my family, but it was time to stop having my dreams and fulfillment on hold. Soon the kids will be on their own and I need to make the rest of my life meaningful and engaging... and you deserve to as well! 

You want something more - I do too!  

You have things you still want to achieve. You have passions still to pursue. What used to be our grandparents' or even our parents' time to retire, is our time to get started. What was often the end for many, is now just the beginning. What some have seen as a crisis, is our awakening! 

This course guides you through a process of re-finding YOU, of reconnecting to dreams put on hold, to finding new passions you want to pursue. You deserve the rest of your life to be the best of your life and this course can empower you to get started TODAY! 

Don't miss out
This course can empower you to create extraordinary life results! 

This course will empower you: 

  • to become more mindful, more present... 
  • to become more grateful, less negative, happier...
  • to become YOU again... 
  • to become excited to pursue YOUR own passions & goals!

Let's be honest! You can take this course and get nothing out of it BUT if you do the work and take time to really listen to what each activity and photo tells you, the information it provides to you... your insights can be profound! And I will be there supporting you every step of the way... you post your own images and insights each day and I connect with you in the course to facilitate your best possible work. 

Become mindful, grateful and happy!

Move forward with your life excited!

Do I need to have a high level camera or a certain level of photography skills?

Nope. You can use any cell phone with a camera that you know how to use and if you can upload a photo from there to your computer, even better.