Find Your Niche: Use permaculture to find your purpose, unleash your magic, and make money.

Broke? Unhappy? Inspired but not sure where to focus?

Self-care, sovereignty, sustainability

  • Are you a brilliant thinker with a creative practice, good connections, and a job that you secretly (or not-so-secretly) hate? 
  • Are you in love with writing, art-making, plants and/or permaculture but not feeling nurtured or "seen" by the community in which you interact? 
  • Do you feel stagnant, depressed, or just generally annoyed with your "day job" and deep down, you know you could make a living with your creative work?
  • Or perhaps you're a free-wheelin' childfree feminist, traveling the world but still feeling lost, stuck, lonely?

All of the above problems could be caused by being stuck in a niche that isn't right for you.

I know the feeling. I was there for way too long. You want to be creative, do good in the world, and find a livelihood that can sustain your modest but very real needs. But how?

By finding your niche!

Permaculture can help you, and so can I. 

I've been exactly where you are, and I used permaculture (and other stuff) to find a niche for myself that feeds me, creatively, and also keeps me a roof over my head! I too struggle to be heard in an echo chamber. Now I connect with new people all the time, and am attracting the exact people to my work that need and want to support it. 

I've been teaching permaculture, in many incarnations, since 2001. And I've been doing community activism, outreach, and networking since 1992. I'm trained, formally, as a writer, artist, and teacher, and skilled, experientially, in design, business, and agriculture. I've recently launched a series of online programs and wow! This IS my niche! I love teaching online, and I adore the global community that is coming together through these courses. I'm specifically passionate about working with radical women writers, and over the next few months will be launching all sorts of fun courses along those lines. 

What we'll do in this course

This course will consist of 9 weekly modules, each with 7 daily prompts to guide you through the process of identifying exactly where what you care about intersects with what your community needs.

We'll use that delicious cache of permaculture principles, combined with lots of felt-sense and intuition, to guide you through the process of getting your ideas out into the world, discovering what sorts of problems you can help people solve, and connecting that information to a plan that meets needs with resources and spirals out to support thriving, sustainable community.

Benefits of Using Permaculture to Find Your Niche:

  • Clarify and establish healthy, achievable goals.
  • Practice building and asserting nurturing, productive boundaries.
  • Strengthen your skills to better serve your community.
  • Identify and innovate resources to support your emotional and financial sustainability.
  • Cultivate a tangible, productive online presence that authentically represents you and your work.
  • Write a fresh body of content for your blog, website, social media, and online courses that is true to your ethos and your message.
  • Observe and interact with your network to find the niche that is right for you and determine which problems you can uniquely solve.
  • Develop a confident, experiential understanding of the core permaculture principles and how they apply to your daily life.
  • Create and participate in feedback loops that support your needs, desires, and capabilities.

Get Lifetime Access 

Go at your own pace, however suits your needs. (€199 is about $250)

What you get:

  • 9 video classes, going deep into the social and emotional aspects of the permaculture principles and how they can be applied to explore and establish the specific place you want to occupy as a writer, a creator, and a member of your community. 
  • 63 daily prompts, walking you through each step of our adventure.
  • Facebook discussion group (enrolled students get all sorts of special attention from me!)
  • Email support from me, specific to this course (be sure to check YES when asked if you want to be on the mailing list at enrollment!)

Here's what my students are saying

  • I like Heather's down-to-earth style. She's not your typical coach-guru, rather she seems to be here on the journey with us the whole way. Her videos feel like she's just inviting us into her very normal world -- not Instagram staged or inauthentic in any way.

    — Melissa H., New Hampshire
  • I really enjoy Heather's straightforward approach to her lessons. She shares a lot of stories from her own life and is open about the struggles she has overcome; this makes my feel more open to explore the nitty gritty of my life too. When I watch her lesson videos it feels like I am just chatting to a wise friend in her garden!

    — Lucie B., Edmonton, Alberta
  • I appreciate the amount of information provided along with the daily challenges... the commitment to do "something" everyday that nourishes or provokes growth. But not in a cheesy, self-improvement, everything is awesome kind of way.

    — Celeste B., New Mexico

Courses with this much juicy content usually cost around $2500.

But none of them use permaculture in the way I am using it, and who the heck can afford to pay that much for an online course? I am committed to keeping all of my courses accessible, and try my best to price them accordingly. That's why this 9-week immersion is priced at only about 1/10th the going rate. Not because it's easier or smaller or has less value, but because it is targeted for a specific audience: women who want to be more creative (and let's face it: most of us don't have a ton of money to burn!) 

The Modules

Each module is focused on one of the principles we use in permaculture to design ecological landscapes, and provides a step-by-step plan for using those principles to design and discover the niche that you need, love, and connect with.

Start Here: How to use this course
Week 1: Diversity
Week 2: Placement
Week 3: Relationships
Week 4: Patterns
Week 5: Boundaries
Week 6: Creativity
Week 7: Cyclic Opportunity
Week 8: Autonomy
Week 9: Yield

Only €199 for a training that would normally cost about 2000!

(€199 is about $250)

This course is part of my new program focused on helping women find the time, space, and support to write their stories and share them with the world. See the other courses at my website.