Artist Studio Boot Camp - begins September 30, 2018!

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An 6 week boot camp workshop designed for the artist who is seeking clarity and guidance with their studio practices and artistic development.  It is for the artist who seeks to push beyond the level of where they are currently working regardless of where they are on their artistic journey and immerse themselves in an in-depth study of their studio practices and art making. 

Week 1-  Past, present and & future - where you’ve been, where you are, where you want to go.

This first week is all about setting and prioritizing your short and long term goals and creating an action plan for them. We’ll use a three step process to do this that includes an historical review and analysis of your work to date and an evaluation of your current studio practices. We’ll delve deep into the how’s and why’s of where you’ve been with your art practice and what’s working and what’s not as well as answer critical questions such as what do you want to do, who do you want to do it for and how and what you need to do it.  

Week 2 - Laying the ground work
Build a foundation of strategies for managing your time to make the most of your studio time.

Week 3 - Doing the work
How to get started, where to look for and using inspiration, building confidence and the fear of failure and how to overcome it.  There will also be a discussion about copyright and artist ethics this week.

Week 4 - Finish it
When it doesn’t look like the work will end up where you envisioned or you can’t take the next step because you’re afraid you’ll ruin it what do you do?  Self critique plays a big role in the art making process as well after and I’ll give you some strategies and checklists for both.

Week 5 - Talk about it
At some point you’ll have to talk or write about your work.  This week is all about writing effective artist statements (both general and specific) as well as talking about your work in person.

Week 6 - Enter it
Resources and tips for submitting work to juried calls for art as well as approaches for tracking and inventorying your work.  We’ll also talk about some of the reasons work is rejected and how to deal with it when it happens to you.

How this online class works

Each week beginning on Sunday you will receive a notification when a new lesson for you to review that will include an assignment for you to work on. The lessons will include pdf files or video and some may contain both. This online learning platform has plenty of space for you to post photos and questions on each of the lessons and just like in an person classroom you’ll be able to interact with your fellow students and of course with me. This workshop is very comprehensive and we'll be covering a lot of material but we'll take it one week at a time and by the end of it I'm confident that you'll have a solid foundation of techniques and strategies that you will be able to use successfully as you make your way forward on your creative journey.

What supplies do I need for this class?

You do not have to purchase any special supplies for this class

What if I am not finished working through the lessons after the 6 weeks?

The class will remain accessible to you for at least 3 months after it officially ends and I will continue to monitor the lessons for questions and feedback during that time.

Will you be offering support, feedback and suggestions to our ideas as we work through the lessons?

Absolutely! this is an interactive online class. I will be available to each student for support, guidance and feedback through the workshop.

I have questions before I sign up,  can I email you?

Of course! Feel free to email me at I am happy to answer any questions you have.