"Creating Emotionally Intelligent Organizational Leadership"

Be Intentional, Not Reactive

In this world of endless meetings, inbox overload and being switched on 24/7/365, leaders are under unprecedented pressure and scrutiny to constantly make high risk decisions and get it right every time. Too many leaders end up reacting rather than responding intentionally. More than ever, our teams, clients and stakeholders need solid, grounded leaders who are purposeful, engaging and inspiring.

This program will help leaders become more focused, aware and intentional, improving their ability to lead others with clarity, calmness and purpose. Mindful Leadership is secular, not affiliated with religious belief or cultures and it is supported by extensive research.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness its a practice that cultivates the very qualities that we most respect in exemplary leaders. It refines our ability to regulate throughts and emotions and relate to others in more meaningful ways. It improves our ability to focus, to be calm and present, more aware and factual, resilient and choose more effective responses. 

How Does This Help?

  33% increased in Focus

  30% Increase in Resilience

  30% Increase in Productivity

  40% Increase in Critical Thinking

  31% Increase in Strategic Thinking

  31% Increase in Employee Satisfaction

  34% Increase in High Pressure Performance

What Will You Learn?

Focus on Results: Calm the turbulent waves of the mind. Improve your ability to focus intentional.

Clarity & Resilience: Be more in tune with intuition and notice emotional triggers before they escalate

Lateral & Strategic Thinking: Promote strategic and lateral thinking by removing mental contracts that prevent innovative contemplation

Balance & Compassion: Become more in-tune and connect better with your team and peers.

The Mindful Leader includes 5 one-hour Sessions for a comprehensive overview of the topic. This program is also available as a Live 1-Day Group Workshop. Workshop and Group Discount inquiries can be made by email to

About Your Facilitator: 

Terry Lipovski is an Executive Coach and Speaking Coach, and the President of Ubiquity Consulting Inc. For over a decade he has helped Leaders refine their soft skills and leadership systems to achieve their goals, engage their teams and improve their organizations. Terry has served in leadership roles at Apple Inc., Bell Canada and Rogers, and he works with brand-name organizations like Schlumberger, Union Gas, Government of Canada, Association of Professional Executives, International Facility Management Association, Spectra Energy and Air Canada. Terry has done Speaker Coaching for Dale Carnegie and TEDx and he is a Licensed Facilitator for Leadscape Learning. With a background in Vocational Psychology, Terry specializes in Diversity Coaching, Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Leadership. He is registered Executive Coach with the IAC and the Author of "Quotes for Leaders" available on Apple's iBooks and iTunes stores.

Contact Terry via Ubiquity Consulting at