Rebranding and Self-expression - Show Up In Your Life and Business

Do you know yourself?

When do you feel most free of all times?...think about it for a minute…or two…

Do you know?

I feel most free when I laugh.

I love to laugh. And I am convinced laughter doesn’t just bring more oxygen to the brain, it does to the soul too.

Talking about happy... Are you happy with what you do for a living? Are you happy with how it makes you feel and with your work schedule and most of the things it involves? If not, have you started thinking about what else you could do and how would that look like?

I wrote this course because these are questions I asked myself when I didn't really know myself and the result of that was debilitating numbed pain. Now, questioning myself and paying attention to my feelings and thoughts as a habit, I am happy with how things are going.

If you’re in a place of confusion or feel like you are not on the right career path for you, if you are not satisfied with what you do and who you are, maybe you need to rearrange. 

If you're going into business for the first time and things are confusing and intimidating, this course will provide encouragement, guidence and a set of questions to bring you closer to your answers. The lessons are not that long, they're not just challenging, but also fun and you are not alone in this, we get to interact on the Facebook group dedicated to this course (it's a closed group, so it provides a safe space to express yourself).

This is a course about rebranding yourself and your activity. Yes, I am a graphic designer and illustrator, but logos, key colors and typography are not on my mind right now. I also graduated architecture and I started a blog last year about expired buildings brought to a new life – they’re called conversions. Something more like that is what’s on my mind…even if I don’t plan to go back to architecture, I still find the metaphor there beautiful. And it's what I feel I have done with my life, too.

What is also beautiful is humor. So by now we have Rebranding (as in "the act to rebrand yourself", not "rebranding=the graphic elements for communicating your brand")+Humor. As you probably can tell by the last paragraph, I also like to talk about myself-this one is new for me, but I plan to do it more in the future-and in the course! You have been warned :) 

Actually I’ll start now. I used to love dramatic films. If there was no drama there, it meant it was not a good one. Today I prefer a good comedy, but I haven’t completely abandoned drama. I like to take it and turn it around – it’s not just for fun, it’s also very useful I think. It goes back to that feeling of freedom. So my course is about reframing the "drama" in your life with humor and storytelling, all with the purpose of rebranding for inner freedom.

There will be 3 lessons every week, the third one consisting of practical exercises that you will need a pen and paper for. All content is available to you at any time, after enrollment and you can join the Facebook group for more support and good company :) also saving time by having- at hand and in the same place- plenty of extra material on the art and practice of getting to know yourself. 

I hope you'll join me and start your journey to finding You! :)  See what Emma said about the course below and enroll above! See you soon!



Emma said :

I am feeling a new level of focus and a quiet confidence I will find a way to reach the next phase of this journey ❤

I think the “fun time” is important for creative inspiration to keep flowing ❤ l don’t think l realized this before. 

As always so comforting and relevant. (…) Good food for thought!”