The Treasure Within Me

Before the foundation of the world, God had a plan and a purpose in mind when He created you and I. Many marvel at the fact that we were on the mind of God even before we were in the hearts and womb of our mothers. Yes, we serve an awesome God who has a blueprint for our lives. This blueprint was designed to chart the course for our purpose and ultimate destiny in life.

The Treasure Within Me E-Course was birthed from a desire to help individuals reach their God-ordained purpose. This desire has burned within my spirit for the last ten years. One might question why I continued to carry this desire in my belly all this time. My reply to this question is simple; I was once a person without the knowledge of who God had called me to be. I promised God and myself that I would not relent until I fulfilled this internal desire.

  It is my sincere hope that each individual who comes in contact with this E-Course will tap into God’s unlimited potential as a result of my obedience to complete this work. Now, let the voyage to your destiny begin!

Purpose Thought Provoker Assessment
Locating The Treasure Within
Unlocking The Treasure Within Me
Releasing the Treasure Within Me
Sharing the Treasure Within Me

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