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Millions of aspiring artist, seek to make it in the music business but they have no idea of how to survive the business. Unlike other books written from a 'safe' perspective or from fear of losing future business, we provide the uncut truth with proof!

From the Gatekeepers, to contract and to the courts, we address every aspect of doing business and how to survive it. We prepare and fully equip our consumers regarding the tactics and methods used considered 'standard' practice by most professionals.

Let's talk credibility. Who is more credible someone who shows and demonstrate facts using actual documentation or those who profit from withholding the truth?

No one will admit that copyrights are worthless and that well-connected individuals use influence and money to dominate and to steal lives.

Let us demonstrate to you exactly how the business operates!

Let us show you some of the tactics and methods used by industry personnel!

Learn what they don't want you to know!

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The Set Up

I would like to give you an example of why it is so important to choose your associates and friends carefully.

Let's say that you have been working with some individual(s) and everything seems fine.

You're working on great projects and it seems like you are on the right track. Then suddenly they offer you a contract without any kind of offer, mention or discussion of money.

They do not want to acknowledge all of your years of juggling work, school, home and efforts in the business. Of course, no one is going to sign a contract without some kind of money as a show of sincerity and good intention.

What you do not know is that when you refuse, these same people will tell everyone in the business that you tried to cut them out or go around them.

All the while, you will have no idea of what is being said but everyone will believe and act accordingly.

It does not have to be a contract issue but it can be any reason as to why it would be necessary for anyone who is connected to justify vilifying you.

It is that simple. Now all of their buddies that are already in the business will either pretend to show interest so that they can steal your materials and ideas, only to help 'blackball' you later. Then the 'games' really begin.

Whether you choose to make the decision to begin a working relationship with someone or not, there are consequences.

Some of these men or women may even belong to different groups who may be or may have already been negatively impacted by your decisions. Your attempts to survive the business may conflict with others plans and they may only intend to cause you harm as some form of revenge.

There was another situation where an artist went to her 'friend' who was an attorney associated to local producers. She asked for assistance with an issue between two separate local producers and one major publishing company.

Neither of the two local producers wanted to give her anything for her work. Well, he advised her to work with the major label directly. He advised that he would send one of the local producers a 'Cease and Desist' letter because he was taking credit for her work.

She trusted his decision; however, years later, she discovered that this 'friend' and lawyer sent the 'Cease and Desist' letter to both local producers. She had continued working with one under the contract with the major publishing label without knowing that he was harboring ill-intent.

This being said, those who have been associated with the business for any length of time know how to manipulate.

It is impossible to build a relationship if these individuals only see you as a means or tool for their advancement. You may think that just because you may work with someone, it doesn't mean that they own you. Meanwhile, they are thinking that 'you are in their house.'

Most are not trying to build a relationship; that is, unless they can take it all (just like someone did them). Because of this philosophy, most artist succumb to the will of their tutor out of fear of displeasing them. All because they are convinced that the individual has complete control over their entry into the business.

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The Bait, The Advance and other Clauses are discussed. Learn what you don't want to see in your contract. Learn other options to suggest.

Below this article is a copy of an actual contract portion listing most of the major labels and record companies:

The Bait

Contracts are used to solicit musical works from its own writers and afterwards parts of works are taken (or materials gutted).

After these gutted works begin to be played in constant rotation, then in their defense of copyright infringements, they used this same contract to state that they can choose not to pursue your infringements.

In the beginning they exaggerate their interest in offering you an opportunity for recording artist deal while ‘working’ you for materials after giving a little up-front compensation.

Later, they will state in their defense that ‘you refused to pursue claims’. Pursue claims…with what?

See the following clause in the 'standard' contracts:

They offer a very small amount for initial investment with full knowledge that after they steal your material, any attorney would require an enormous amount of money for a retainer in order to represent you.

Your line of thinking will not be clear because you will take into consideration all of your time dedicated to the business. You will consider your talent and convince yourself that no matter what happens with the contract, your talent will bring success. You believe that your work will generate profits and that you will have your royalties from your protected works.

You are so close and have come so far to turn back now. You don't want to step on their toes so you think that you are finally on your way. 


The Uncut Jaw-Dropping Truth about the Music Business!

Don't miss out! Learn the uncut, jaw-dropping truth about the Music Business

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