Eze Tax Course To The Rescue!

"Eze Tax Course To The Rescue!" is a great way to learn, and understand all of the income tax laws and rules you have always wanted to know. Learn about Filing Status, Deductions, Child Credits, Education Credits, Payroll Taxes, Dependents, Self-Employment Tax, Business Taxes and much more! This is a simple, easy to follow- tax instruction course. A 5 week course, that covers 2-3 tax topics per week; including videos and tutorials. Sign up now and don't miss your chance!

This course was created by a tax professional with over 8 years experience with business and tax consulting. The creator of this course has instructed Tax-Prep courses for well-known nationwide tax companies. For less than what a big-chain tax company will charge, you get to save money, and obtain MORE knowledge. Other Tax Prep courses charge more and have underlying recruiting motives only. This course is to help YOU! Learn from a true professional that runs her own tax service now, Eze Tax Service, and puts a smile on all her clients when they leave educated and satisfied.

The objective of this course is for the student to understand tax law and terminology that is not so easy to learn from a 600+ page IRS publication. This course will function well for everyone; the busy moms, the new Entrepreneur, the student who is ready to go into the work field, the handyman who made more income than he expected with his small business, and all persons who need this tax knowledge foundation. The instructor gives a satisfaction guarantee. You will learn everything you need to know about tax filing ~ why take a college course, or any other course?; enroll now and learn the stuff you actually need to know.