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Color Inspiration: Colored Pencils

Created by Jeri Parks
Price: $20 USD

The next stop on our Color Inspiration journey is colored pencils.  Chances are you have them in your stash.....maybe for a very long time.  Colored pencils are far from a new hot item, they have been around for decades.  As new mediums (a.k.a. fun) become available, old ones get pushed to the back, left to gather dust.  Time to pull them out and see just how versatile they are.

By the end of the workshop students will:

  • Understand the basics of colored pencils.
  • Create an idea/sample book for future reference.
  • Learn how to blend, layer and burnish with colored pencils.
  • Use colored pencils to color images and create backgrounds.
  • Create a variety of projects using colored pencils, including tags, cards and more. 


  • Lesson One: The Basics
  • Lesson Two: Coloring Stamped Images
  • Lesson Three: Creating Backgrounds
  • Lesson Four: Projects
This is a self-paced workshop. All lessons are available upon enrollment. Classroom contains over 145 minutes of video instruction, printable PDF files, forum and gallery.

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