EMPATH e-guide for highly sensitive people


          Are You tired of feeling overwhelmed and drained not knowing where to turn?

       In this e-guide you will learn to control your abilities. You'll have a new appreciation for your gift in this extensive online training course with the amazing BONUS of a FREE Life Coach Session in the first lesson for immediate growth Transformation.

You can expect a life changing experience that will serve to enrich, inspire and transform your life immediately. 

The Transform through Healing in 30 days e-guide is self paced throught a month and will assist you in not being drained by others negative energy, learning to build healthy boundaries, overcoming emotional issues, become more self-aware, recognize your gifts, accept yourself, stop negative self talk, resist narcissists, and re-gain the self confidence required to take on the world!

"As you think, so you become."

 After Completing -Transform Through Healing e-course

  • You will have gained full understanding on the differences between shielding and grounding as well as centering yourself.
  • This course is designed to help facilitate the process to inner healing by inspiring you through self introspection and a radical new and improved way of thinking.
  • You will become highly motivated to undergo the transformational developmental process and rebuild yourself from the inside out!

So get ready to be lead to inspiration and inner healing while learning the tools to live a life of conscious living are revealed to assist you on your EMPATH journey!

Don't miss out
"It's the best Empath e-guide hands down!"

Don't miss out
It's the best Empath e-guide hands down

Will I understand being an Empath/HSP better after this e-guide?

Yes. You will not only understand your gift, but your inner true self as well. The goal is to be able to fully function in a world that is overwhelming to your inner energy field.

Is this e-guide worth it?

Yes. Upon enrollment you will have "Lifetime Access" forever!!! This course is lead by one of the most passionate Life Coach / Empaths and it will be a transformational experience of a lifetime!

Why is it so cheap, compared to courses that didn't teach half as much or take the time to thoroughly go in depth on every subject?

Well. let me start by saying this, those like yourself that took this course, know that it is invaluable. I am just honored that I had chance to assist those here on theor journey and help them get to the next level. And for that I am truly honored and grateful.

When will you be creating a follow up or Part 2 advanced e-course?

I'm not sure. but there is no rush. Time will unfold and all will be in place when the alotted time is right. However, I will say that, It will transcend this e-course on a much higher level, for those that are ready.

What made you add a Free Bonus Life Coach Session? I've never seen this done, Ever!

I explain in the ecourse that I felt it was an intricate part of the transformational process for accelerated growth. Besides, I cannot come to everyone's hometown/country. So I wanted everyone to be able to reap the benefits. And I'm so happy that I did. the results have been amazing and the experience was much more succesful for all.

  • I absolutely loved this e-guide. My life and my whole world has transformed. For the first time EVER in my life I don't feel misunderstood, and all I felt inside of my mind was validated. She is truly the Chosen one, here to guide our generation to greatness. I couldn't be happier that she was given this difficult job to do. She has an amazing soul that is passionate about helping others heal. What else can I say besides I am forever grateful. Honestly I love her and owe her so much for her selflessness. I wish I could thank her in person for this invaluable experience.

    — Joan Harlow... Denver, Colorado
  • "You truly are the Empath Guru of the Century. Tons of inspirational information that's easy to read. Thanks so much for doing this! If you're serious about healing and understanding your gift, take this course."

    — Lanell Wilshire ...Portland, Oregon
  • "Definitely worth it, hands down!!!!! My journey is that much more understandable because YOU have given me the much needed tools to succeed! I'm so excited about the changes I've implemented already and grateful that I now have the proper knowledge and confidence to continue to excel!!! I'm a badass empath and thanks to you I can handle anything that comes my way."

    — Melissa Stanford... Baltimore, Maryland
  • "Thank You so much ChoZen1 from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing e-course. I have told all my friends and relatives about it, who are venturing on their Empath journey."

    — Diamond Gomez... Newark, New Jersey
  • "I can't thank you enough for creating the journey to inner healing Empath e-course. You know first hand how hard it can be to focus with a million things goingon in our mind, but your step by step guidance made it so simple. The lessons are really good and creative and build on each other seamlessly. Take the time to finish the course. You will gain so much in depth information. My biggest problem was negative self talk and falling for Narcissists. Best of luck!"

    — Stella Grace... Roanoke, Virginia
  • "I recommend this e-course for everyone looking to grow and excel as well as become empowered with knowledge and healing. But don't expect it to happen overnight. You truly are the one in control of your destiny. You've got to put in the work!"

    — Tommy Pane... Brooklyn, New York
  • Not only have I gained self confidence and complete acceptance of who I am, I also gained a community of friends. I felt so welcome at your Facebook page- The Empath Universe. Athough you have over 65,000+ subscribed, that you run singlehandedly, you take the time to attend to us who message you individually.

    — Jasmine Taylor... U.K.
  • I am so thankful and grateful for the adding of the Life Coach session in the first lesson. It has impeccably changed my life in so many ways. I can't thank my friend Sheila enough for sharing this on Facebook after having her transformation occur. Otherwise I would have missed out on the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. I have grown tremendously and become my Best self. NO more anxiety, pain or being unshielded in crowds. I no longer have to be a hermit to my home. I am finally living. Hell Yeah!!! Empaths Rock!

    — Shauna Riley... Houston, Teaxs