Watercolor: Art to Vector

Florals and watercolor are my favorite combination. Learn how to make your own watercolor florals and then how to digitize it using photoshop or elements! 


I go over materials to start out with, down to the very paper and watercolors that I use. Included are videos about common mistakes and videos watching the water create movement on the page.


You can use this method to digitize any watercolor artwork, make duplicates or upload to the web.

Then learn how to vectorize. The advantage of vectorizing your art is that it can be blown up to any size without getting blurry or losing quality. You don't need any previous illustrator knowledge to get through this simple course, but it will completely change your work flow.

You can use this method to digitize any watercolor artwork, make duplicates or upload to the web.

Example of Students' Work

- Tracy Coker

I'm working on a friend's wedding invitations and I used what I learned in the course to incorporate some watercolors to the names on the very top of the invitations.

Although they are not finished yet, I'm quite happy with the results so far! The watercolors added lots of personality to the design :)

So thanks so much Lauren for this class!! It was just what I needed!!

-Marina Arruabarrena

Here's what I did. I looked for an old floral watercolor painting I did and scanned both my painting and handwriting. I digitized both based on the instructions mentioned in this class. I also added a border so it doesn't look that plain :)

- Hannah Lim

  • Lauren has been major inspiration for me through her amazing social media page, and I was so excited to learn directly from her! It helped me learn new tricks and tips in Photoshop I never utilized, and it was so worth taking the class! Loved it!

    — Kim Munoz
  • This is a very basic class, helpful for beginners wanting to scan and re-size their artwork. One technique for making limited color adjustments is shown as well.

    — Elizabeth H.
  • Great Class Thank you!

    — Lisa Martinez
  • I really love this class. I learned a lot and the instructions are easy to follow :) I hope you guys take this class! I loved your class! I learned a lot and now I'm confident to digitize and turn my artworks into vector! :)

    — Hannah Lim
  • to the point! excellent!

    — Azra Fatima

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Table of Contents

Materials and Overview
Watercolor Basics: Create Simple Florals
Why Vectorize
Exporting + File Types

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Can't wait to see how this changes your workflow!!!