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Walking With Jesus: A 40 Day Journey

One day Jesus walked along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. He saw some men casting a net into the sea. They were two brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew. Jesus said to them, "Follow Me! And I will make you fishers of men."

Immediately, the men left their fishing and followed Jesus.

A little bit further Jesus saw another pair. This time James and John, with their father  Zebedee, in a boat mending their nets. Jesus called out to them as well. They too, like Peter and Andrew, left their nets, their boat and  father, to follow Jesus.

In all  Jesus gathered 12 men to be His first set of disciples. These men stayed with Jesus for the duration of His ministry, and all but Judas Iscariot, would remain after His ascension into heaven, to continue His mission on earth.

What was it  like to walk with Jesus?

What if you had lived in the first century, and were chosen by Jesus to be a part of His team? 

To the original 12 disciples It must have been quite an experience. Remember, they were ordinary men; there was nothing nothing special about them. Just an assortment of fishermen, a tax collector, and other simple Jewish laborers. But the time spent with Jesus brought them from  relative obscurity of  simple lives and  into being world-changers.

Join with us on this 40 Day Journey with Jesus!

Spending time with Jesus will change your life too!

How The Course is Organized

The course is organized into four modules of ten (10) days each, for a total of (40) forty days.

The modules are:


Each daily segment has

(i) A Verse of the Day
(ii) A short reading to illustrate the principles of the verse.
(iii) A  simple  prayer, primarily for guidance
(iv) A Faith in Action  segment which contains pertinent question relating to the topic and / or actions steps that you can take to make the lesson practical
(v) A Scripture verse list with the verses referenced and follow up verses for further study

At the end of each 10 day module you will also find a downloadable daily scripture list which is yours to keep.

WHY 40 Days?

According to Rick Warren in his book The Purpose Driven Life, "the Bible is clear that God considers 40 days to be a spiritually significant time period. Whenever God wanted to change someones perspectives and prepare them for His purposes, He often took 40 days."

Warren cites several examples from the Scriptures:

  • Noah's life transformed after 40 days of rain
  • Moses' life transformed after 40 days on Mount Sinai
  • The twelve spies were transformed after 40 days in the Promised Land
  • David's life was transformed after Goliath's 40 days challenging Israel
  • Elijah's life was transformed when his strength lasted 40 days on a supernatural meal that God provided
  • The entire city of Ninevah was transformed when God gave it 40 days to change
  • Jesus was empowered for a public life of miracles by a 40 day experience in the wilderness
  • The disciples' lives were transformed when Jesus spent 40 days with them after His resurrection

So, take this 40 day journey and see what happens

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Frequently Asked Questions

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