Manifest Your Dreams

                    The Manifest Your Dreams Systems

                    A Roadmap to Discover and Achieve Your Goals

                    COURSE OVERVIEW:

                    Most people are not aware that there are systems, tools and techniques you can use to achieve consistent, positive results when you set out to pursue something new in your life.This course introduces you to these processes and facilitates the creation of your dream project.The key to consciously create what we desire centers on a combination of an outer progression of actions coupled with inner work using the power of the mind.These transformative principles are an important part of improving one’s life, finding joy and well-being in daily existence, and achieving one’s dreams.

                    • COURSE SUMMARY:
                    • Bounce back from failure and setbacks
                    • Fuel your dreams and propel you forward to achieve them
                    • Learn how to correct course and move forward
                    • Transform life events into opportunities
                    • Gain a sense of growth and expansion that ultimately leads to true fulfillment
                    • With daily action guide directions, you’ll have a core system to follow over 8 weeks.
                    • Transform life events into opportunities.

                    Hello, I'm Susan Sherayko. As someone who has personally followed this road map, I’m thrilled to invite you to an interactive program where you will learn to obtain an understanding of how to:

                    • Get what you want to do, be or have
                    • Identify what's stopping you
                    • Know the tools to use if you feel stuck
                    • Develop the habits and routines that build momentum for maximum productivity
                    • Build systems that yield persistent progress

                    Most People Are Not Aware...

                    That there are tools and techniques you can use to achieve consistent, positive results when you set out to pursue something new in your life. This course is designed to introduce you to these processes and facilitate the creation of your dream projects. The key to consciously create what we desire centers on a combination of an outer progression of actions coupled with inner work using the power of the mind. These transformative principles are an important part of improving ones' life, finding joy and well-being in daily existence, and achieving one's dreams.

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                    "Don't wait to pursue your dreams. The time to start is now, right where you are."

                    Susan Sherayko 
                    Founder of Build a Dream Academy

                    About Your Instructor

                    Susan Sherayko, MBA, is the author of Rainbows Over Ruins which chronicles her personal experiences using principles that emphasize the power of the mind, coupled with positive self-talk, to rebuild after a landslide. Susan believed that if she could overcome disaster, so could others--if they knew the tools and techniques to help them do so. She has gone on to build an online teaching platform for people to learn these transformative principles as an important part of improving their lives, building businesses and achieving their dreams. She blogs, produces a podcast, "Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity," speaks online and coaches.

                    No stranger to these principles, Susan's reading of Napoleon Hill's book Master Key to Riches helped her launch her four decade film and television career. She served on the board of the Producers Guild of America and chair their seminar committee for several years. As Executive in Charge of Production and Line Producer, she has received two Emmy nominations.

                    What You'll Learn in

                    The Manifest Your Dreams System:
                    A Road Map to Discover & Achieve Your Goals

                    Module 1 - Use Your Mind to Get Results

                    Learn to coordinate your Inner Game and Outer Game and watch your dream transform into its material equivalent.

                    You can:

                    • Make your life more manageable
                    • Restore your sanity
                    • Gain access to resources and solutions
                    • Gain a sense of power
                    • Discover the key to finding serenity
                    • Restore your experience of joy, well-being and inner peace

                    Module 2 - Imagine What You Want

                    • Gain a clear sense of direction
                    • Get unstuck
                    • Gain the freedom to focus which frees you to move on to the next steps
                    • Discover the secret to staying motivated and on track

                    Module 3 - Visualize at Deeper Levels

                    • Feel what it will be like when you accomplish your goal
                    • Watch resources and opportunities appear
                    • Feel the way you want to feel when you achieve your dream
                    • Gain serenity, courage and inner peace

                    Module 4 - Sketch Out Your Plan

                    • Discover what needs to happen to get from where you are to where you want to be
                    • Fine tune your outer game to achieve your goals
                    • Decide to take actions that move you forward toward what you prefer

                    Module 5 - Organize and Get Into Action

                    • Learn how to use your thoughts and feelings to get into action
                    • Get organized
                    • Develop the habits that trigger persistent action to get results
                    • Learn how to buffer stress

                    Module 6 - Productivity, Persistence and Momentum

                    • Learn to establish systems and routines
                    • Learn to manage your thoughts

                    You can:

                    • Build momentum toward your goals
                    • Build productivity
                    • Find happiness inside
                    • Discover real, down-to-earth, practical strategies to create lasting happiness
                    • Find joy, love and serenity
                    • Handle negativity and get off the emotional roller coaster
                    • Find balance in life
                    • Resolve conflicts and contrasts
                    • Change your thoughts and attract more of what you want in life

                    Module 7 - Review Results and Overcome Obstacles

                    Learn how to stay on target toward your goals

                    Discover the secret to staying motivated

                    Learn how to get past what keeps us from succeeding

                    Identify what stops you from moving toward your dream

                    Discover what's stopping you from rebuilding or improving your life

                    Learn techniques that help you lift your spirit

                    Learn how to foster your belief that you can create your dreams and gain inner peace

                    Module 8 - Put It All Together on a Daily Basis

                    Put together what you have learned

                    Energize and support your daily activities

                    Move you steadily forward toward your desires

                    Achieve prosperity and profit

                    ENROLL NOW

                    • Feel a sense of accomplishment.
                    • Have clarity on your direction and goals.
                    • Feel better.
                    • Feel joy and enthusiasm.
                    • Gain the experience of possibility becoming probability.
                    • Gain a sense of well-being, empowerment.
                    • See your life improve.
                    • Worry less.

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                    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



                    What Will You Be Able to Do When You Complete the Course?

                    • Have a working understanding of the steps involved in consciously manifesting what you desire.
                    • Identify what is stopping you.
                    • Know tools to use on a daily basis when you encounter obstacles.
                    • Understand what you can do when/if you get stuck.
                    • Put it all together to create the systems, launch routine and habits that generate momentum and mastery.
                    • Nurture and incubate a vision until it yields the desired results.

                    ENROLL NOW

                    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


                    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

                    This program is 100% Guaranteed. If you would like a refund, for any reason, simply submit a support ticket within 7 days of purchase and we'll remove you from the members' area and refund your tuition, no questions asked. Once you register, you'll gain immediate access to the members' area. Enjoy!

                    Join Us for this Self-Paced Program - No Dates to Worry About

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  • As I've gotten to know Susan as a client and friend, it's clear that she has not only done the inner work we all must do to overcome our own individual roadblocks and hurdles; she is now leading the way for many other people to follow in her footsteps....Susan took circumstances that would have derailed the average person and turned them into stepping-stones to triumph."

    — Noah St. John Inventor Afformations® and author, The Book of Afformations® from the foreword to Rainbows Over Ruins
  • Susan’s wish is that she might help others live better lives through knowledge of her lived experiences and transformational discoveries. Rainbows Over Ruins is more than the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT publication as advertised, it is truly a SELF-HELP book with proven paths, through exercises and invitations for self-discovery, to find the inner strength to overcome your greatest obstacles.”

    — Joe Duquette Actor
  • Susan really hits the mark with techniques in this course. It's very insightful.”

    — Chris Shumway Actor
  • Susan uses her whole brain when crafting solutions.

    "She knows how to visualize the results she wants and then build the structure to support the dream. She constantly prods people who are stuck in one way of seeing something into realizing new paths to take up the mountain of success. Now she is willing to share her unique approach to creating success systems with people who are ready to go to the next level in their business and personal lives. I would sign up for her seminars and coaching program quickly because once the word gets out the waiting list is going to be long. I can't think of anyone else I would trust more than creating the logistics for launching a new endeavor. Susan knows how to create successful enterprises and she is willing to coach you to your next success."

    — Kathleen Maxwell Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach
  • "How do we transition from one phase of our lives while allowing ourselves to grow from what we have learned from the past? Susan helps you help yourself.

    — Wileen Charles Founder, Starseed Foundation
  • I love working with Susan because she has an amazing ability to help me gain clarity and focus about the possibilities that surround me. Susan is so skilled and supportive that her faith in my abilities has transformed my thinking and now I know the action steps I want to take with certainty and enthusiasm."

    — Susan Prime Prime Coaching, United Kingdom
  • Susan has the ability to take in all the information surrounding a situation, process it in a kind, loving and logical way and then interpret the information back in such a way that I feel I too can learn and grow from the experience...whether it was mine or not."

    — Toni Casala Owner, Children in Film
  • I can always count on Susan to give me an honest, balanced assessment of whatever is happening privately or globally. She never stagnates. Susan is always seeking way to make her life better and more meaningful. That is inspirational to me."

    — Susan Scudder Actress, Casting Director
  • Susan chaired the Producers Guild of America seminars program for years--and while she was heading it up we had an amazing array of well produced, always well-attended and interesting seminars and 'evenings with' events. She has a real handle on putting together top-notch panels, finding great guest speakers and outlining the main topics for the seminars, as well as a great attention to the details needed to pull these off. I highly recommend her and her fantastic skills."

    — Tim Gibbons Executive Producer, HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" & Governor, Producers Peer Group, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • When the Producers Guild of America merged with the American Producers of America, limited benefits were available for a fast growing membership. Susan Sherayko stepped in and created for the Producers Guild of America membership the most successful enrichment programs possible. She became the Chairperson of the Seminar programs for the PGA. Susan was able to offer the membership the opportunity to learn from many leaders and icons in our industry the essentials of how to be a better producer of TV and motion pictures and syndication. The subject matter was vast as each seminar attempted to instruct the producers in a vast array of subjects. Susan produced or was responsible for the vision of this stellar committee. Turnout of attendees for these seminars was consistently gratifying in both numbers and approvals. The legacy of Susan's organizational skills and executive is exemplified by the continuing programs being offered today for the PGA members--now over 4000 members strong.

    "Thanks, Susan. I personally enjoyed attending your seminars and afterwards felt more confident and wiser."

    — George Sunga Executive Producer, "The Jeffersons" & Governor, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • I found working around Susan delightful because of her sense of humor and our ability to laugh either at a situation or ourselves."

    — Anita McGarr Business Affairs

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It's the best course ever

When does this program start and finish?

This program is self-paced so you can begin any time. You'll receive daily action steps and action guides, along with weekly tutorials, a weekly Q&A call and suggestions on how to harness the power of this program.

What is included in the program?

You get:

Weekly tutorials where we'll explore topics in depth to help you move from idea to achievement and accomplishment
Daily step-by-step action guides to walk you through the process of manifesting your dreams and goals
Add-ons for weekly Q&A Group Coaching calls and Monthly Strategy Sessions are available. 

What if I can't start right away?

No worries! This program is designed to be self-paced. You set the page and the schedule. We even provide you with tips for how to make the most of this opportunity.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to the program. This will allow you to go through the program now, and again in the future. This also allows you to circle back to access specific content or lessons as you go along.

Where do the workshops take place?

Our workshops take place virtually, so you can enjoy them from the comfort of home or listen in while you are out and about. Once you register, head over to the "dashboard" page in the member's area. That's where you'll find all your course content.

What if I need additional support?

This program is designed in a way in which you can receive support in a variety of ways. Our interactive discussion forum will provide you with opportunities to share your successes and ask your specific questions. Course members also have the opportunity to register for a private laser coaching session, for a nominal fee. We've got you covered and you'll receive a lot of encouragement and support along the way!

What if I don't get the results I want?

Please be aware that we cannot render full assurance regarding the outcomes of using our services, our ideas, courses, and tools and even the incorporated strategies and methods. However, what we can fully offer is satisfaction and assurance that our services and our courses are worth it. We also provide a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can see our commitment to excellence and growth. If there are unavoidable or unexpected situations wherein the process did not meet your expectations, you can request a refund and claim your money back because we offer money back guarantee as our means of showcasing our commitment to our consumers. Nevertheless, please know that the company products and services are designed for educational and informational purposes only. Furthermore, no input in our page or any content and methods can promise financial stability. Also, it is not our mandate to offer any legal, medical, tax related or other professional advice. The figures used in our sites are utilized as symbols to depict better understanding but it should not be used as a baseline for average earnings, precise take-home pay or even assurances for future performances. Lastly, be wary and consult with your financial adviser, accountant and even your legal aid before implementing changes that could affect your lifestyle change as well as your business endeavors. Remember that all the responsibility lies on your shoulders and you alone are responsible and accountable for your choices, performances and outcomes. Also, by your registration you render consent that you will not hold us liable under any given circumstances and situations.

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