Cosmic Witchery - Part 1 - Cosmic Map 1, 2, & 3

This is the introductory class of my most asked about course series!

This introductory class is your first steps into the realm of the Cosmos. The first step of your journey through the Cosmos is preparation – creating your cosmic map. In this 3 part video class you will also receive 3 downloadable PDF modules that offer 3 rituals/ceremonies that will connect you to the cosmic data needed to create your personal cosmic map (you can’t travel without knowing where you are going!).

Classes Included in this Series:

  • Cosmic Map 1 : Cosmic Key
  • Cosmic Map 2 : The Opening
  • Cosmic Map 3 : AJA

Throughout the 3 class series you will perform personal ceremonies to connect with the cosmic realm and also create a personal cosmic key which acts as a portal for traveling through the Veil to other realms including other dimensions, universes, and galaxies. Having a personal cosmic portal is useful for all sorts of interaction with the Cosmic Realm including astral travel, lucid dreaming, communication with your star families, accessing the “Akashic Records”, and more!

It is important that you take these classes in the order they are offered.
Do class 1, then 2, and then 3.

This class is designed for and focused on women. It is highly recommended you take this class before taking the other Cosmic Witchery classes.

If you are not familiar with the 6 Sacred Gateways and The Veiled Mysteries please take The Intro to Veiled Mysteries Course:

There is an area within the class to ask questions and get feedback from me.

I hope you enjoy this class!

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About Oseaana

Oseaana—Spiritual Midwife and Guide—is an Oracle, Priestess, Celestial Channel, Energy Worker, Spiritual Guide and Advisor, Ceremonialist, Rootworker, Galactic Ambassador, and Artist with over 25 years’ experience. Intuitive, creative, energetic, humorous, and bold, yet intrinsically practical, Oseaana has enjoyed her mystical and magickal work with clients and students for over 13 years.

Since childhood, she has been following the Sacred Path to see where it takes her, seeking out the Mystery. Because of this willingness to follow her intuition, she is a serious student and practitioner of many magickal and spiritual traditions. Some of her practices include Vodou, Goddess Spirituality, divination, sea magick, Hoodoo/rootwork, spiritual healing arts, Kemetic Science and other African Traditional Religions, and Dianic Witchcraft. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher, an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, and a graduate of the Ocean Speake Oracle Divination Program and the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Oseaana is called by her soul to continual learning, and is deeply committed to personal growth—as a result of this calling, she is also passionately dedicated to facilitating learning and personal growth for others.

In service to her deep connection with her Ancestors, Star Family, and Spirits, she has undergone many spiritual and occult ceremonies and rituals to strengthen her innate gifts, and she brings these experiences and knowledge to the world and into this dimension. Her magick lies in her profound dedication, authenticity, and truthfulness. You can find more about Oseaana and her work on her website

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Cosmic Witchery Part 1 - Cosmic Map 1, 2 & 3