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Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Becoming a Descriptive Writer Workshop. In this course, writers will be taken through a three day course that will give tips and advice on how to be more descriptive in their writing. This course is a branch off from the Creative Writing Course and the Help me Write a Page turning Novel Workshop. Writers will be able to paint a better picture with their writing creating a vivid story with well-created scenes and characters.

The course starts on March 23rd-March 25th, 2021.

Writers will also join a Facebook group to interact with the other writers, networking and discussing various topics. Get the help you need to create a vivid, movie like story.

Day One
Being Descriptive with your Character
Creating a Character Profile to Assist with Descriptions
Today's Homework
Day Two
Being Descriptive in your Scenes
Being Descriptive with your Flashbacks
Today's Homework
Day Three
Being a Descriptive Writer FAQs
End of Course: Congrats!