Poetry In Community: coming together to write, read, practice

You are invited to spend 6 weeks with a small group in this ecourse to explore Poetry In Community. While we writers can be very solo beings, sometimes it is helpful to have community and connection to develop or just keep us inspired about our practice. This is not a therapy or coaching group, so think of it more as a weekly writers or artists group. Only we have the added benefit of an online classroom space, open 24/7 for a full 6 weeks, where we can chime in, share, and communicate at any time along the way.

Enrollment is open until Wednesday, April 5.

Writing prompts will open up to you on Wednesdays in the classroom:

  • April 5: Exploring our world -  cliches & platitudes suck; everyday things 
  • April 12: Letting the practice help us move - alliteration; 5 senses
  • April 19: Knowing ourselves and experiences -  5-7-5; the interview
  • April 26: Continuing to let form shape our expression - tanka; picking a sentence
  • May 3: Expanding form for a bigger container -  tanka trains; rituals
  • May 10: Keep up your writing practice - Practice, Not Perfect; permission; resources

Please note: Because we could not make the live call idea work for everyone meeting up, I'll be adding pre-recorded prompts to the classroom for you each week instead. 

Please see the FAQ below for more details to questions others have asked.

Give your practice some time and attention. Join us for Poetry In Community!

Is this a critique group?

No, it is not. In fact, we will maintain several ground rules and guidelines:

1) When it comes time to share, either in the online classroom or on the tele-conference calls, you are invited to share your experience and writings with us only if you are comfortable doing so. Sharing is optional.

2) We will not critique or analyze contents of someone's work nor question their motivation. However, positive feedback is welcome. You are invited to praise writings or aspects of them. You are welcome to make personal reflections like, "This makes me think of..." or "That is a beautiful reminder of..."

3) You are invited to write in any genre. Most of the prompts offered in this session will adapt nicely to poetry, prose, non-fiction, short story, etc. Most of the examples offered will be in poetic format though, just because that is where my focus is at the moment. But that does not mean you have to respond in poetic genre.

I want to join, but life is busy. Will this course involve a great deal of time and study?

As with any online course, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. That said, no, this is not an intensive course. This is more like a writers group, meeting up once a week to read, write, and share. But unlike in-person groups, you get the bonus of an online classroom that is open 24/7 in-between our meet ups, so you get creative prompts plus room to share writing or excitement about whatever you are reading at any time along the way.

What if I'm not a "real" writer? What if I'm a "professional" writer? What if I am a bereaved person just looking for creative outlet?

ALL are welcome!

The prompts and sharing in this course are meant for anyone seeking heARTistic expression and community in which to share and be accountable for 6 weeks of your practice. If you are grieving and are very emotional, that's fine. If you are a beginning writer and go slow, that's fine. If you are a professional working on your current novel, that's fine. Really. All are welcome.

Is this a therapy or coaching group?

No. This is a course for exploring creative approaches to grief and life experiences; for exploring how you yourself make meaning and expression with whatever is happening for you. While there is a facilitator for our calls and in the online classroom (moi), I am just one person. I am not available as crisis intervention, and we do not have time on the calls to do private session coaching for each and every person. That said, this type of course is a good companion to whatever personal coaching or therapy you are doing already to support yourself. Please take responsibility for (you are able to respond to) whatever needs you have medically, mentally, physically.

If I decide I will be short on time during the 6 weeks of the course, can I get a refund on my registration fee?

No, I'm sorry, we are not offering refunds. This course drip feeds content for 6 weeks, but you can access it at any time, in your own pace, for as long as you like. The classroom is not going anywhere even after the end of the 6 weeks. So once you register, you actually get the entire course, even if your schedule ends up conflicted with the 6 weeks of the initial content feed. Let us know if you have questions around this before you register! Contact

What if I'm already working on a piece of writing? Can I work that piece in this course?

Yes! You are welcome to bring whatever writing you are already doing to this table. Poetry, novel, auto-bio, whatever you are doing. You will get weekly writing prompts that you can ignore, alter to help you continue working on your current work-in-progress, or to write new pieces. Whatever you wish.