Self-Publishing Made Simple Intensive

Let's start 2020 with a BANG. Start your journey to becoming a Self-Published Author with this 10-week online course.

How long have you been putting off writing that book? Self-Publishing Made Simple is a 10-week course that will provide you with the tools I used to become a Self-Published Author. 

In Week 6 you will be able to schedule your FREE 30 minute Self-Publishing Coaching session during Weeks 6 thru 10.

At the end of the course, you should have a manuscript ready for publishing on

The information included in this course is the same information I used to become a four-time self-published author under the pen-name of G.C. Peterson and Min. Kiesha L. Peterson, a four-time Amazon Best Selling and International Best Selling Author, a Co-author on three collaborations and my very own collaboration with nine co-authors.

Prerequisite for this class:
Participant must know:

The basic functions of a computer.
How to surf the internet.
How to format Word documents.
How to upload and download Microsoft Word documents.
How to upload and download PDF files.
How to save MS Word Documents as PDF.
How to convert MS Word Documents to PDF.

Course Price: $50

$547 discount off regular $597.

Year-End Sale until January 1, 2020.

Week/Chapter 1 - Introduction
Week 1 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 2 - Ideas
Week 2 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 3 - Research and Select a Self-Publishing Company
Week 3 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 4 - Putting a Title and Cover to Your Book
Week 4 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 5 - The Legal Part of Writing
Week/Chapter 5 - Self-Publishing Coaching
Week 5 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 6 - The Final Product
Week 6 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 7 - Getting Paid
Week 7 Chat Session
Week/Chapter 8 - Publishing
Week/Chapter 9 - Sell Your Book
Week/Chapter 10 - Your Thoughts
Week 10 Chat Session

How long is the class?

This is a 10-week course.

When will the class meet?

The class will meet every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m EST for our weekly Self-Publishing Group Chat Sessions. During this time you can ask questions, make suggestions and discuss that week's topic.

Where will our Group Chat sessions take place?

SPMSI sessions will take place inside our private Facebook Group at SPMSI Facebook Group.

If I can not finish, can I take the course again? How much will it cost?

Yes. You can take the course again within a year for free. Anytime after for $75 (without manual and coaching), ($105 with manual).

Are there any refunds?

All Sales Are Finale! There are NO REFUNDS after 24 hours of registration.

Do you provide coaching?

Yes. You can visit and use code SPMSI to receive the discounted price.