Taking the Struggle Out of Bedtime

  • The BEST $20 a mom could ever spend! Thank you, Jillian, for providing moms a way to a peaceful bedtime experience. I loved this course! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    — Jen, Illinois
  • I loved it!!! Sooo good! I definitely picked up some tips that we will be trying … After watching it I feel like it's worth more."

    — Jessica, Michigan

What would life be like if you AND your child could have a peaceful evening that resulted in quality sleep?

Seriously... pause and think about how life changing this reality would be!

You work diligently ALL. DAY. LONG. and when bedtime comes (hallelujah), you are ready for things to go smoothly. Sure, you love your kids, but you also want them to sleep to be their best the next day and to give you some time to breathe, rejuvenate, and perhaps get some sleep yourself!

But... kids see bedtime very different than you do. This is why this time is an age old problem! This course will open your eyes to the mindset of a child and what they need to make a smooth transition into restful sleep.

Let's get started.

  • Some GREAT stuff in the Bedtime eCourse! Content-wise, I found it helpful, specific and encouraging. You have a great way of making us, as parents, feel appreciated for seeking help. You do a great job of coming alongside parents, instead of putting yourself up as an authority figure.

    — Anna, Ohio
  • I really enjoyed much of the course… I thought it was so great how well you connect to the camera. Felt so authentic... honestly I compared you to Reagan in my mind! … Your videos feel more one-on-one. I love the content. It was helpful as a parent with a very "distract-able" child.

    — Mike, Pennsylvania
  • It was great! Seriously! … That night instead of chattering in her crib for the next 45 minutes like she normally does, [my daughter] was asleep within minutes of me shutting her door! Definitely packed with helpful info for parents and insight for those of us who have gotten so stuck in less-healthy routines at bedtime.

    — Kim, New Hampshire
  • You amaze me. When I started last night [my husband] and I were saying that this isn't really an issue for our family. He was half listening as I listened. And he kept being drawn over to your points and now we think we're going to make some changes in our bed time routine. LOL

    — Lindsay, New York

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  • The structure of the course is awesome - you're offering short, segmented videos that allow parents to watch at their own pace … I enjoyed the information and facts that you included in the videos and I like that you are relate-able by sharing personal stories and using real life examples … The real life examples find me shaking my head in agreement or remembering a specific time. Definitely packed with helpful info for parents and insight for those of us who have gotten so stuck in less-healthy routines at bedtime (tv and "one last drink" are the big ones here!). Kim, New Hampshire

    — Kristina, Michigan
  • I was impressed with the content. Very nicely done.

    — Dan, Michigan
  • Wonderful advice and I as a mom of a 25 year-old, I learned some new techniques [and] I can utilize them with my nephews this summer.

    — Marquita, Illinois

Table of Contents

Bedtime Game Plan
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Why is it Such a Struggle Anyway?!
How to Wind Them Down
Electronics... The Harsh Reality
How to End the Routine Struggle
The Kid Who Gets Up a ZILLION Times
Consequences and Incentives

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